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Shadowkiller - 2005-08-22 19:47:40


Well he's back in the real world again. If you look hard, I put a little animation in one of the frames. Do you see it? Now the real question is, was it just a dream?

I thank you all for giving me basically a vacation week. I know I was sick and stuff and I really had to take time off but I appreciate it anyway. I enjoyed Gencon, it was fun, but it really wasn't up to snuff. I went with $1k and came back with $950. I wanted to buy a sword and a painting or two. I went to the four or five sword dealers and didn't see anything that truely caught my eye. I saw an average looking katana for $950 but it was apparently made by some super guy. I saw some mildly nifty looking swords that were $50 and they just looked gaudy. The paintings were subpar. Last year Gencon was awesome and if I had $1k, I coulda spent it. This year I replaced a card game I left at college(FLUXX ROCKS) and bought myself lunch. That was it. I was truely disappointed.

The other thing that happened at Gencon was that I saw my exgirlfriend again. Remember that one from last year that I saw and we hung out for a while and blah blah blah? The one that eventually just blew me off because of some reason or another? Yeah, saw her again this year. Didn't talk to her this time. She was with some guy I can only assume was her boyfriend since its like a family event for her and nobody but her boyfriend would have been invited along. God he was ugly. I can't say she has had the greatest picks of guys. She dated me during my long hair phase and let me say I definitely wasn't a looker back then. She is a hot little thing but has horrible taste. My friend apparently did see her and she asked if I was here and he told her no. I don't know if I'm happy I didnt have to talk to her or disappointed I didn't get to make her feel guilty for being such a b****.

Other then all that, though, it was a very entertaining day. I actually didnt get to meet anyone I had hoped to. Shedragon mentioned she might show up Saturday and if she was there, I didn't see her. I was supposed to meet a guy named Charles who reads the comics. His phone was off and he never returned my phone call. *shrug*

Oh, I feel I need to explain the new poll. Uruloki has given us quite a bit of entertainment this month as his prize for a good story. But the month is nearing the end and its up to you to decide who will rant next month. As Shedragon was the runner up, Uruloki must fight her for the win. This is Shedragon's second chance for the ability to rant. The choice is up to you all and I'll watch intently to see what happens.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy. Later!

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witsd - 2005-08-23 15:33:22

Looking good...:


Holding deposit paid.

Reference-getting deposit paid.

£96 each so far.

The £700-odd (each) full deposit is still to come, but assuming that they don't try and get rid of us due a dodgy reference, (which we shouldn't have) then we shall be housed in due course!

Planned date of move-innery: 5th September.
Thus, I will likely be absent to some degree around this time. Please do not assume I'm dead...
I shall endeavour not to be!