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Shadowkiller - 2005-08-26 18:29:37


Well that catches me up again. Next week I'll be back to single comics. Burnout is gonna be out of the hospital quick. 5 months isn't an extremely long time, he just needs to remember how to use his legs mostly.

Im going to a party this weekend. I feel like I need the break. I hope its fun. Enjoy the comic. Next week we may see a new ranter. Latez all.

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Uruloki - 2005-08-27 09:03:48


To say the truth I didn?t expect the voting to be nearly this even @_@ seems like some ppl do like my rants, odd as it may seem X) ty to u all <3

That said? time to move on to the crapzor?

This week?. Has been beastly. Seriously?. Beastly. On Wednesday we were assigned this exhibition for my sociology class?. Cultural evolution of human kind from its origins up on 150,000bC (approximately) till dawn of history, with the invention of writing on 4,000bC. The volume of information is HUGE!!! Not to mention it needs constant revising because when it comes to eras and dates, every damn prehistorian has a different measuring system. Its really annoying goddamit. It?s for next Wednesday? one would think a week is enough; but all next week I have midterms (YEAH! That fast T_T) and it has to be done now? I haven?t slept more than 10 hours on the last 4 days and its reeeally weighting me down.
Thing is, were a big group? 7 people on it, but I?m the coordinator of the group, and no matter how much I urge everyone, EVERYONE is just TAKING THEIR BLOODY TIME.

* Stress *

There?s still soo much work to do, but I need the rest of my groups parts to finish putting it all together, like the data show?and the program I?m making? and the chronology? and a bunch more things. I wonder how ill fare on Mondays exam, I wont be able to study/sleep till Wednesday itself, if I continue like this. O well, u get something out of everything, now I got a better idea with whom one can make groups for thins like this. * Sigh * if it just wasn?t with a 15% of my grade work this knowledge had to be obtained?

Of course, regardless of what massive amount of work we get, Chess class is still thrusting work after work after work after work? this weeks is a summary of the second chapter of the book (the chapters are enourmus lol) and the assignment of 5 chess games with random people, every move properly written down for a total of 2 points at the end of the trimester. And 2 more for 5 articles from the newspapers talking about chess? I don?t even read newspapers much, too much of the same crap going around everywhere. Depressing.

This week had its surprises though,
one of my best friends (in Massachusetts) told me that another of my best friends (Pennsylvania) was here (Dominican Republic) I was open disbelief?. He had told no one in the hopes of keeping somewhat secret? heh! Yeah right! Monday I called him, ?twas true, he was here? told him to come over and took him for a ride all over the city, meeting old friends and laughing at shocked faces?. Tuesday we went out? Wednesday again? Thursday I couldn?t because of dumb chess homework? and yesterday we went partying? he leaves today again, his semester starts on Monday. It was a nice surprise, especially since it had been around a year since he left for the US and the guy barely logged on to the messenger for a chat or nine? now if only that OTHER bastard from Massachusetts would come by for a visit?

As to what I'm listening atm?. It?s the fifth time I repeat Road trippin?, from red hot chili peppers, honouring (and remembering...) a friendship we three had a long time ago, song that I casually just got a few minutes ago again, I had lost it along with my hard drive a few months back, its nice having songs that tinge memories of better times sometimes?

?.and as I reread that last part? I realize I feel old.


Shadowkiller - 2005-08-29 23:23:42

Dentists and Doctors:

Well due to the awesomeness that was the party this weekend, I had $1300 worth of dental work done today. $1300 is easy to reach though so dont think that my whole mouth fell apart. $900 was for the crown alone. I did work on the comic, but I only got it about half done. I'll finish it up tomorrow and have it posted for Wednesday. That will be the last time Uruloki posts here. Everyone say goodbye and wish him well.
Tomorrow I go to the doctor(today will probably be when you read this). Pray I dont come home with my ass hurting X-O. Till then!