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Lets get this party started

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Shadowkiller - 2005-08-30 23:06:50

Goodbye Uruloki:

Well BO is home again. This was actually a comic idea that I had thought up a long time ago while BO was still around. I proposed it to him and he liked it but thought it was a little too un-WoTNow and more forumite style. As my comic is exactly that, I figured I'd try it on for size

Well, fare thee well Uruloki, I wish you well at college and take part in the next contest, maybe we'll see ya again. It was definitely a close race and SheDragon managed to keep pulling out ahead. We'll welcome her up to take her shot at ranting for this next month. At the end of that time, it may be about time for another contest so we'll see how it goes.

As for the party, it rocked hard. I really needed it and it met all of my expectations. Early on I tried to fix a floor lamp that was bent a little bit. Since we didn't have a set of pliers, and the bent part looked aluminum, I decided it would be easy enough to bend with my teeth. As I bit down, the lamp gave way with little to no pressure and crunched in my mouth. As I pulled the busted lamp from my teeth and took a look at the damage, I noticed a single white mark but no other visible breakage. This left me with one other option, the breakage didn't actually occur on the lamp, but rather in my mouth. Feeling around, I pulled out a piece of tooth. So much for fixing the lamp.

Monday I called the dentist and got an appointment for a cleaning and to fix my tooth. Several hours later I had a temporary crown and they had a mold of my tooth area to make the real crown. I also had two cavities filled and another two scheduled for the same time as when they put on the permanent crown. It seems the reason my mouth is cavity prone is not so much that my teeth just decay faster or I have some super type of plaque, but more so that my teeth are really just weak. Lets not try the biting metal thing again. All in all, $1300 worth of dental work. Anyway, time for bed, enjoy the comic.

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witsd - 2005-08-31 17:26:06

Update on stuff:

Sorting out the finalities of the house.

Met Fjaf.

Went to the theatre to see The Woman in Black, and quite enjoyed it.

Teeth still in one piece.

Work tomorrow, hurrah!



Shadowkiller - 2005-08-31 22:05:35

Fall Cleaning:

I spent the evening eating at a friends house then cleaning the apartment. I will deactivate Uruloki and activate Shedragon so she may just say hi or whateva. Otherwise, Im beat. Later


SheDragon - 2005-09-01 07:51:22

Hello one and all:

Thanks so much to all of you who voted for me! It was rather close, and Loki did set a precedent that will be a challenge to match. I will do my best to keep my stuff up to scratch for those of you who wanted to keep Loki ;)

It's been an... interesting... morning. The cat barfed on the carpet again, the engine light on my car came on, I was a little late to work this morning (cleaning cat barf takes time), and the coffee maker here is broken. You'd think that after a buncha garbage like that, I'd be in a somewhat foul mood. That isn't the case, though. For some reason I seem to be almost incapable of grouchyness. It might be the nice mixture of thyroid supplement, 3 shots of espresso and 24 hour allergy medicine (pseudoephedrine = watered down speed! YAY!) that I always start my day with that keeps me in this sunshiny state. Hell, that cocktail would keep Oscar the Grouch happy even if a bum set his trashcan on fire!

Whatever the reason, this freakish optimism of mine will keep me from griping much. While a rant usually consists of much griping, I shall more often relay the small amusing things that happen throughout the week, and the odd people I meet along the way. I like to tell stories :)

Like the tale of Norktard the Noodleharfer... but this is already long enough for today. Perhaps tommorow ;)