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Work sucks

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Shadowkiller - 2005-09-01 21:23:20

Welcome Shedragon:

Yeah, BO works, life sucks. ;).

Welcome Shedragon, now lets here a story.

*sits down for storytime*

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SheDragon - 2005-09-02 11:45:06

Gather 'round boys 'n girls...:

Okay, boys and girls, it's time for a story about why you should never feed strange kids at summer camp generic brand pasta. :)

If any of you have attended summer camp as a kid, I'm sure you've all got some stories to tell from it. I went to Franke Day Camp for a week every summer from when I was age 6 to when I reached 13. This camp had a Native American theme, and each year you got assigned to a "tribe". I was 10, and I was with the Wyandottes.

The Wyandottes were the $h!+. :)

Seriously, it was one of the most entertaining groups I had ever been a part of... Anyhow, we were on a hike to Bloody Gorge (a creek with reddish clay due to iron deposits), and we came across some poor little kid who had been separated from his tribe. He was an odd little Kickapoo, that one. (He was in the Kickapoo tribe... yes I know it sounds funny.)

He was short for his age (maybe 8 or 9), with a greyish complexion, blonde straggly hair, funky little crooked teeth and bluish eyes that seemed to bulge a little bit. He was a little on the quiet side, but he agreed to join us awesome Wyandottes until we could find the Kickapoos and have him rejoin them.

One of the things about this camp is that we'd make our lunch out in the woods. That day we had a kind of off-brand macaroni chilli type stuff. You can cook the noodles in a big pot over the fire, and the hamburger in tinfoil... it's actually pretty cool. The little lost Kickapoo ate a ton of it.

We were sitting around waiting for others to finish and put out the fire, when the strange kid got an odd look of panic on his face. He got up suddenly, ran away a few feet from the campsite...


The chilli macaroni stuff he just scarfed down came up with such force, it even went out his nose. It is to this day still one of the most spectacular barfs I've ever seen.

We were rather disgusted, but we had to keep him with us until we got back to the lodge anyway, and he seemed to feel better after that. As we were hiking back, he grinned at us and said, "Hey guys, I've got a macaroni noodle in my nose and I'm breathing through it." We all laughed at him and for the most part didn't believe him. He just kind of kept grinning that silly crooked grin and kept hiking.

Then five minutes later he made like he was clearing his sinuses aggressively with a mighty snort.


He grinned.... and spat out a macaroni noodle.

We died laughing.

And that, folks, is why Norktard the Noodleharfer has always had a special place in my memories of summer camp.