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Shadowkiller - 2005-09-04 15:20:13

Back to South Carolina:

Hrm, what shall I do with this one, huh?

Im heading back to South Carolina on Tuesday. I actually have Monday off so I wont leave till tuesdau and I will be coming home 9 days later on Thursday so I can be home Friday for my dentist appointment to get my permanent crown put on and two more teeth drilled. Believe me, it will be a blast. *sarcasm*

I totally need to learn how to think in situations. I just found out that the person who the party really was for two weeks ago doesnt really like me because of how I acted. I've trained myself to be very outgoing and obnoxious at parties because some people enjoy that. I really should have realized that the party was for the couple who just got engaged that night and it was kinda that girls night. I was a bit upstaging and such and I was also very sarcastic which she didnt appreciate very much. I have come to realize that I need to actually calm down a little and get a little bit of Zen into my life. People either really like me or really don't like me and I don't particularly appreciate people not liking me which is 100% my fault so I need to start changing how I act. Anyone know any easy ways to change ingrained reactions? Oh well, best get ready to go.

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Shadowkiller - 2005-09-18 12:24:09


Been down for two weeks, but I got it running again. Stupidity is all really. I'll explain more later, for now I must head to Germany. TTYL.


SheDragon - 2005-09-19 00:25:43

Praise the Lawd!:

Praise be to the gods of server webby stuffs and magiks! It's up and running again.

I've got a lot of cool stories coming up, but it's midnight, and I've got work tomorrow. I'll post 'em sometime soon.

Synopsis of this weekend:

-Got to go flying... twice!
-Found a very sweet little stray kitty
-Watched a 250 lb drunk loll around on the floor asking for more margaritas
-Got drunk dialed by my little brother for the first time (I'm so proud! *sniff*)
-Was informed that I will be made a systems analyst within a week at my company. I'm only an intern now.

I think that covers most of it. I'll post details and pictures of my adventures soon. I shall also sacrifice a Mountain Dew 2 liter to the gods of server webby stuffs and magiks (the GOSWSAMs) in hopes that appeasing them shall keep the server in good health :P


SheDragon - 2005-09-19 18:31:18

balloons piss off pomeranians:

I never get tired of people stating the obvious sometimes. For instance, this morning on my way to work I saw a construction truck. On the back it read "our aim: zero injuries." Shouldn't that be everyone's aim? Wouldn't it be even funnier if someone changed the "zero" to say... 3? At the end of the day:

Foreman: "Well guys, let's call it a day... oops! Wait a minute fellas! We only had two injuries today. Our aim was three! Hey, Bernie! Get over here!"

Bernie: : "Yeah boss?"

Forman: *WHACK!*

Bernie: "Ah! My scalp! It bleeds profusely!" *Falls over*

Forman: "There we go. Another productive day!"

Anyhow, to get back to the things I had mentioned in my earlier post: I did indeed get to go flying twice this last weekend. My boyfriend's cousin is a pilot, and he took us up in his little Piper plane. It was loud and a little on the old side (built in the 60's), but we didn't die, and it was really very fun! Then yesterday my boyfriend (we'll just call him Scradam for now) and I went on a hot air balloon ride. It's his birthday soon, and he's impossible to shop for, so I thought this would be a really cool gift. It was actually quite awesome!

I'm a bit of a pyro, so when I saw the huge ass flames it takes to inflate and propel one of those, I was fascinated. This gigantic ball of fire was only 2 feet away from my head the whole time! It was NEEEET! The balloon we rode in was the record holder for distance in the US! The fact that it's black makes it more efficient because it soaks up more solar heat and you don't have to use as much fuel. The view was excellent, and we saw all sorts of cool stuff. There were herds of deer running through corn and soy bean fields, and every single dog in people's yards just went nuts as we flew over them. One little pomeranian in particular just lost it completely. It ran around in circles and barked its head off almost to the point where it seemed to be forgetting to breathe. It was pretty damn funny :) We stopped traffic in some places, and kids tried to follow us with their bikes asking for a ride. If you ever have an occasion where you just don't know what to get somebody very special to you, and you make a decent living at your job, you've absolutely gotta try this. It just defies words! :)


Shadowkiller - 2005-09-19 21:17:24

I wanna be a Foreman:

LOL, interesting point SD.
Well, since I'm in Germany, I thought I might give all you who actually still come here on occasion an update on whats going on in my life. I am most currently sitting in a stairwell in Germany. Why, you may ask, am I sitting in a stairwell instead of perhaps in my room or maybe an internet cafe. Well my room isn't close enough to the hotel wireless connection to actually be useful and this place is the absolutely closest place to my room that actually gets a decent connection and still remains somewhat private. Thus I sit in a stairwell instead of the hotel lobby or some such. It is most currently 4am so it is rather dark out and I am still rather tired. In any case, I promised an update so here is one.
Frankenstein(the server this website is on) began having heating issues a few weeks ago. Also around the same time came an opportunity to get back some backups I had made of my hard drive from before I went to germany for a year about three years ago. I lost my hard drive while over in Germany and the backup machine went down shortly after. It was until now that I waited to get ahold of the hard drives. Thus switching around some hard drives to try and be unsuccessful at getting my old backups, I put Frankenstein back together and it had seemed he wasn't too happy. He would not reboot. And then I went to South Carolina with no time left to fix the problem.
Two weeks later, I'm slated to go to Germany and once again I find myself with little to no time to fix the problem. I try a work around by taking Frankensteins hard drive out of him and putting it into a host computer(much like a brain transplant but much less messy and a much higher success rate). It did not work and my time was running out. It was like there was nothing on the hard drive. I pulled out one of my spare hard drives for some reason and it was my 10.2GB drive. That was supposed to be the second drive in Frankenstein. But if it was here, then what was the other drive in Frankenstein. I pulled it out, unlabeled. Thinking about it, I am pretty sure the main drive was unlabeled in Frankenstein. So what was the other 30 gig drive? It was labeled, it must have been one of the two drives I was trying to get a backup off and got switched up in the process. Remembering Frankenstein's heat issues, I decided transplanting the correct hard drive in the substitute computer and changing the necessary things would be the correct course of action and merely 10 minutes before the Limo arrived, I completed the process and got the site back up and running. That, my friends, is the story of my stupidity. And now on with more info and the comic.
Now that I've had a two week vacation, I'm kinda out of the swing of things and as I don't have continuous internet access, it makes it kinda hard to just get up and do it. I've downloaded a few things but who knows when I'll actually get around to it. For now, you'll have to be satisfied with the site being back. Later.


SheDragon - 2005-09-21 13:46:52


You know what really grinds my gears? People below the age of 18 on the internet being general nuisances with poor grammar and no brains or sense of humor. Case in point:

Angsty McTeenerwiener the Flameinator writes:

im not a ****in stalker jakass i like BnG more than this and VG cats more than that so shut the hell up before i rip out ur god damn eyeballs and feast upon your flesh u stupid-ass ***** im only twelve i dont stalk anything so dot make me come over there and kik ur ass

Holy Guacamole, I think just trying to read that garbage automatically deducts 10 points from my IQ and makes me wanna have an aneurysm. Two things: Speak English, and don't take things so personally... especially things on the internet. Stop and think for just a moment about what it is that you're about to go off on an incoherent garbled tirade over before you do it. In fact... just don't do it at all. It only makes you look dumber, and makes my eyes bleed and baby grammar Jesus cry.

Know why (most) people over the age of 19 don't talk like that? Don't bother trying to answer that question... just throw your computer out the window and get a shrink. Please? For baby grammar Jesus?


Shadowkiller - 2005-09-23 15:18:52

Ugh, no internet:

Okay so I have no internet here, I am currently at a friends house using his internet. I'll be home sunday night so hopefully next week I'll be able to start up again.


SheDragon - 2005-09-26 12:31:20

This one has two bubbles!:

I love my mom dearly. She's very educated and fun to be with. She does have these moments, however, when her brains just quit working, and hilarity ensues.

We were at a store yesterday with all sorts of knicknacks, and she found these pens with a ruler and a level attached to them. These are ideal for use in her work because she teaches dental assisting at the local university, and these are all used when grading plaster models made by the students from teeth impressions. She decided to get a bunch as Christmas presents for her fellow teachers. As she's going through them, she picks one up and looks at the level and says, "Oh wait. I can't get this one. It has two bubbles in it." My dad and I just kinda stared at her in stunned silence for a moment before we busted out laughing. My mom still doesn't realize the idiocy of her statement, so I pick one up and go, "This one's okay... Oh! Wait a minute! *shakes it up* Now it has five bubbles! Nope... can't get this one either."

I don't think I've ever been told to shut up so many times in the span of five minutes before.