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Shadowkiller - 2005-09-26 20:47:49

Home again home again jiggidy jig:

Yup, I'm home. Here's a new comic, I hope you all enjoy and I'm sorry for the long wait.

Got my crown put on yesterday. No, I didn't become king. Remember that party where I broke my tooth? Well its finally fixed. I had a temp the last three weeks and the appointment kept having to be pushed back. At first it was on the 12th, then I went to south carolina so it was moved to the 16th. After that, they called me up and told me the guy that makes the crowns was sick so they had to move it back a week. Fortunately it was only a week from the original appointment so that ment the 19th. Then I got told on the 16th that I was going to Germany. Ugh, that sucks, and not on the 19th either, on the 18th. So I moved it back again to today. All in all, it was a pain and I'm glad its over with.

Anyway, I'll try to be back all week, we'll see how it runs ;).

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SheDragon - 2005-09-27 15:29:20

Bork's story:

Okay. I figure it's about time for another odd stranger's story. Since I have mentioned him before, I'll tell you all about Bork the Bigotrator.

I was at a filling station gassing up my car and checking the oil in preparation for taking the lengthy drive back to school late one Sunday evening. A maroon Buick pulls infront of the station and an older man sporting one of those tall John Deere trucker ballcaps gets out of the driver's side. I paid him no mind until he asked me, "Is that store boughten hair?" I turned around and had to make sure I heard him right. Sure enough he asked me again if my hair was "store boughten". I guess he was asking if I dyed it because I have a LOT of blonde hair. I told him that I don't color it and he said, "That's good. It's purdy. Too many girls have artificial colored hair from a box." I said, "Thank you. It's kind of hard to take care of, though, since it's so long." He then offered this little gem, "Well that's what women are good for. Takin' care of things. Whether it be children or their husbands or their hair." He then proceeded to go on a long explanation about how it says in the bible that men shouldn't have long hair, and how women should never have short hair, and how a man can't have hair any longer than what the woman with the shortest hair in the room with him has. I offered my opinion on how I actually like guys with long hair, but I think it fell on deaf ears. Before he could get into more depth about how men shouldn't marry short-haired women because "them are dykes", I hurried into the gas station, paid for my gas and got outta there before Reverend Jethro could say another word.

While I like the term "Reverend Jethro", it doesn't follow the naming conventions of the game. Therefore, he was henceforth known as Bork the Bigotrator.

Bork... is them store boughten brains?