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Shadowkiller - 2005-10-09 11:04:06


Okay so I finally got a little time and I made a comic. Wasn't all that hard, I just need to find the little time more often. Im going down to South Carolina again so I think I'll have time. And MS, what do you mean by "H"?

I just spent last night with three women. No I don't mean I was sleeping with them, we just all got drunk together. I tried calling up a couple single friends since the other two girls(the ones who aren't my girlfriend) are single, but they all seemed to have something better to be doing. It was pretty sad on the account of my friends. Instead I got to see them exotic dance(without actually taking clothes off, but it was still hot), and joke about having a foursome, and talk about guys and how sad they are that they couldnt come out and party. It was quite an enjoyable night. When my GF and I went to bed, she basically started getting horribly sick and was up most of the night coughing, sneezing, moaning and groaning. It wasn't a pretty sight. Oh well, life goes on.

How are you all doing?

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SheDragon - 2005-10-11 09:01:58

Wiggity Whack Muffins:

Dunno... couldn't think of a good title, so I just wrote down some rubbish.

Man, was this weekend crazy. Saturday I drove to W. Lafayette, and we got to see Purdue lose to Iowa (boo!), but it wasn't so bad because we had a great tailgate party afterward, complete with camp fire, beer, booze and lots and lots of junk food. Doesn't get much better than that :)

Sunday my brother and I drove to Cleveland to see Nine Inch Nails in concert. Sweet succulent Jesus, it was AWESOME! I stood with a guy who looked like a younger Mike Meyers and his big friend on Exstasy... but they were civil, and actually pretty cool guys. We were as close to the stage as you can get in a seated section. The floor was available, but I'm only 5'3", and I just can't see a thing down there in that crushing sea of sweaty crazy tall people. Kinda makes me wish someone would invent special stilts or something for small concert-goers who'd like to be really close up on the floor without being obliterated in the pits. My brother is a 6' tall drummer in peak physical condition, so he can get away with it.

The set-up they had was just awesome. They had these big jagged-edged LCD pannels behind the band that made for a breathtaking display. There were also these gossamer curtains that would come down on three sides of the stage, and a HUGE projector that played video on the curtains to go along with a few of the songs. One of the videos had X-rays of animals in motion. You could see how every little bone moves when a cat drinks water, or a person moves their hand. It was neat!

The only down side was that Trent Reznor no longer has beautiful black shaggy hair. He reduced it to a buzz cut. *sob!* WHYYYY!?

Anyhow, I've got stuff to do, so I'll write more later. Perhaps another story is in order?


SheDragon - 2005-10-12 11:40:29

Skrunk the Skeezemower:

Yep. It's that time again. Time for another tale of a random weirdo that I had the fortune (or misfortune depending on how you look at it) to observe.

Lemme tell you about Skrunk the Skeezemower. Skrunk is old. Skrunk is fat. Skrunk lives on my street. Skrunk is gross. Why is Skrunk gross? He mows his lawn wearing nothing but a speedo at least once a week during the summer months. This is why he is the Skeezemower.

He pushes his old smoke-belching Lawnboy around his front lawn wearing nothing but his little blue speedo, which his ample wrinkled gut sags over. He has sunburned leathery skin with hairy moles scattered here and there. He just kinda squints through those coke-bottle glasses of his and smiles at you if he sees you looking at him. I think his vision is bad enough that he can't distinguish a look of horror from a friendly neighborly smile. The guy sweats buckets, and is carpeted in gray scraggly hair in places that aren't attractive. He even has it sprouting in vines out his ears and nose for God's sake! He subjects the neighborhood to this spectacle regularly, and everyone knows exactly who you're talking about if you mention "that one guy in the speedo." I've seen mothers cover their childrens' eyes when they happen to come across him while walking the dog or taking a stroll. I am sure there have been some complaints filed to the neighborhood association about him at some time, but as far as I know he hasn't been told to put some clothes on yet.

As sick as it may sound, I almost hope that his weekly summer performances never get thwarted. While I want to scrub my eyes with steel wool and bleach after seeing him sometimes, the reactions of people as they walk by him are an endless source of entertainment. This is the primetime of people-watching! If Skrunk didn't Skeezemow anymore, this neighborhood would get pretty boring.


SheDragon - 2005-10-13 11:24:01

Appending flavor to my living with Moby Dick:

Yes, my fellow Spashtifarians... it is yet another bit of wisdom from the Spashist Bible (ie. Spam in my Yahoo mail)

Behold this lovely scripture:

Subject: Append significant flavour to your living?
The entire after part of the deck. The poor fellow whom Queequeg had handled so hands in the punch bowl; - taking it i suppose for a huge finger-glass. "Now," though that way viewed, its grandeur does not domineer upon you so. In profile,The subject matter was broadcast to your-person because you asked for to be imparted of knowledge of extends from either us or one of us.

So what can we learn from this? The lesson is to not let fat-fingered Herman Melville characters put their hands in the punch bowl. If you do, he shall domineer upon you with grandeur, and the flavor your life needs shall never be appended.

I impart this knowledge to all of you, my fellow Spashists, extending from me or one of me.