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Fright Fest

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Shadowkiller - 2005-10-17 23:17:05

I think its over:

I think the comic strip is pretty much kaput. I'll try to post pictures here and stuff, but I dont think I actually have time to make anything anymore. I'll be happy to post fan comics and stuff if anyone wants to do one. Hell, if you just want to do a weird comic and see how it goes, go ahead and send it to me and I'll post it. If people actually do send stuff, than I may very very occasionally filter some stuff out so not everything will make it up to the front page. I truely don't expect much of anything. Best size format for anything sent this way is 500 pixels across.

This picture is of me, my girlfriend Paula, and my buddy Clayton taken by our friend Stephanie. We went to Fright Fest at Six Flags Great America On Sunday It rocked. The lines were a bit long though and we only rode the Batman, the Viper, and the Superman. We waited for like 2.5 hours for the Superman and believe me, all of us started freaking out when we were staring at the ground while dangling from like 80 feet in the air at the top of the coaster. The Superman was freaky and awesome all in the same ride.

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SheDragon - 2005-10-19 08:03:40

This is the end... my only friend, the end.:

While I am a member of the female gender, there are times where I am not a proud member.

-When my two female former roommates would fight over something petty like shoes... not a proud member.

-When I hear about the latest wicked games one of my good guy friends has to endure from his so-called girlfriend... not a proud member.

-When I see some huge grumpy whale of a woman puttering around in her Ford station wagon with a bumper-sticker that says "Bitch on board"... not a proud member.

-When one of our ranks inspires what was a great webcomic to go down in flames and then wink out of existence... TWICE... definitely not a proud member.

What can I say? I can understand that a girlfriend takes time. But wouldn't one that sees the value in something creative such as this strip encourage her guy to keep it up, rather than drop it? I scribbled out the last 3 strips I did while at work and in less than 10 minutes... IN MS PAINT FOR LIGHT'S SAKE!

This is not a personal attack, SK. I'm just sad that you'd give this up. There are a lot of good stories and fun ideas just waiting to happen here, and a good number of people who would appreciate it if you'd give it all a chance.

If you put up a poll asking if you should drop the comic, everyone besides the dyslexic and retarded would answer NO. They wouldn't even touch the "Gollum" button for once!

Think this over a little more before you pull the plug. Heck... if you have a better half now, she could even have some good input for comic ideas. I'd be honored to have my idea for a webcomic come into fruition by an author with a decent following. Believe me when I say there are some great brownie point opportunities here.

Whatsa matter, McFly? Are ya chicken?


Shadowkiller - 2005-10-19 22:41:20

What can I do?:

Well I feel I should explain a little better what goes down in my daily life now. I wake up, usually between 5am and 7am depending on how tired I am in the morning. I go to work between 7 and 8. If I am in the office, I work till 5pm with a 1 hour lunch at noon. If I am on a job site(which I am now), I work till I am done(usually sometime between 5:30 and 11pm[tonight I worked till 11pm]). I try to eat dinner around 6 or 7pm depending when I get off work. I spend some time relaxing or playing games that I paid for and thus require some obligation(this is how I remain totally unstressed). Then I call my girlfriend or I get online with her or something. We usually spend several hours chatting or other more personal things. Sometime between 10pm and 2am, I find I am getting tired and I have to leave her presense(be it a foot or 5000 miles). Wash rinse and repeat.
Now I am also somewhat of a perfectionist. The current storyline I was working on takes all of 10 minutes to put together. But sooner or later I will have to return back to the normal comics. Depending how much time I spend thinking about them every day(which isnt much since I've had a girlfriend on the mind), the normal comics take between 30 minutes and 8 hours to do. 30 minutes is definitely not an obsurd amount of time to make a comic, but 8 hours is far more than I have and averaging means 4ish hours and I certainly dont have that amount of time either. Its likely as my relationship continues, the amount of time we have to spend chatting and stuff will decrease, but for now it remains rather high. I tried to work on my comic and how many did you get in the last month... 4? Thats a guess folks, could be more, could be less. Basically what it comes down to is that I can no longer lie to myself. I don't have the time to make the comics.
On the other hand, I will not disappear. It is very easy to multitask and read posts and stuff around the forums. I have no issues visiting the site and posting a pic here or a fan comic there. That is easy and takes all of 2 minutes. The problem is that not a single person has ever submitted a fan comic(or if they have I never received it). Hell, it doesn't even have to be a fan comic. It can be a cool picture, a comic about something totally different(but people must be able to enjoy it), or some other kind of art. Shedragon, for instance, drew a picture of Shadowkiller with my face on it. I should post that here cause it rocks. Course she never finished Zanix.
I'll here for a while, but no more comics. I'll try to update every so often, but no promises. I'm just hoping you fans try out your own skills and send some stuff in. I never understood Burnout until I got my own and now I know all too well. Burnout may have disappeared, but he never left us out to dry and I wont either. Just remember, the forum still runs we have capable people policing, and all the fans still come around. Lets not lose that. And thank you for the well wishes, she is absolutely worth every minute I spend with her.

Until next time. -SK