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Grandpa's Birthday

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Shadowkiller - 2006-02-02 03:29:19

Grandpa's Birthday:

This picture was taken back in November at my grandfathers 80th birthday. He is a cool guy and he absolutely loved my girlfriend. That reminds me. I should be moving in with my girlfriend come June. Her, I, and another friend will be getting a place together that will significantly reduce the costs of living for me. Of course it will change my 5 minute morning drive to a 45 minute morning drive, but thats only when I am actually in town. As for now, my apartment lease is coming up so I gotta find out if I can renew on a month by month basis or if I need to move to somewhere else till then. My girlfriend offered her place or the other friend has a room in the basement. My choice I guess. Safe to say if I choose either of those options, I'll have to get a storage unit to store all my crap till June. Ce la vie.