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Shadowkiller - 2006-05-09 08:19:13

People Visit!:

For some reason I felt like checking to see how many people visit my site these days and I was amazed. Its something like 200 people a week. That means about 30 people a day. Subtract myself from these numbers and its probably on the order of 15-20. I still think thats crazy considering I havent posted anything in like 4 months. Im impressed.

In case you havent noticed, the site has moved to an actual website, isnt that great? I've been working hard, at home for 2 months now, and getting ready to toss myself out a window because the work is monotinous(sp). Anyway, I am doing quite well, I didn't move in with my GF and I play World of Warcraft more than ever.

For now, you get to see a picture my father took out near their house in Colorado. Absolutely beautiful if you ask me.