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Shadowkiller - 2006-10-09 21:08:49

Burnout is back!:

WOOT! As most of you know, Burnout is back. We had a long talk o the phone about relationships, the websites, politics, relationships, work, spriting, relationships, and how good it was to talk to eachother again. Burnout once asked me if he could have rights to do a biography of my relationships, I think he was surprised that Im finally engaged and getting married ;). Safe to say, it was much like last year when we spent like 2 hours on the phone then as well. Wait, now that he is back, does that mean I need to give him a user name on this website to post? Nah, why would I let him post in a comic about himself...

In other news, in South Carolina again. DJ is booked for my wedding. Bridesmaids dresses are picked. Staying up way too late.

Anyway, I've decided to write new comics as long as BO does as well. One for each that he does and it will come out n the day after. Keep coming back to see more!

EDIT: Oh, as a side note, Im not sure its clear that the joke is supposed to be Burnout hasn't made a comic in so long he doesn't know what he is supposed to do afterwards anymore. Now everyone knows if someone has to explain the joke then its not funny anymore but if you didn't get it, forget I said so but go back and read the comic again, understand it this time and say, "Wow, that was funny and SK is not a stupid idiot. ;)