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Shadowkiller - 2006-10-18 03:08:48

Subsidized housing:

So, I have to tell you the secret of the comic artists. There are actually low cost apartments built in every city in every nation. Every apartment is similar except for the orientation. Some are oriented to the right and some to the left. We only get two choices. First is the color of the walls. Second is our personal computer. Thats it. Provided for us is a poster of our main character and a banner with the name of our comic on it. Thats the secret. You can tell by the fact that the rooms in this strip are so similar. That or I'm just lazy... Or maybe we are ALL just that lazy.

That said, if you dont get whats going on then you aren't keeping up with The Forums. Scroll down to the end of Burnouts third post if you want to go directly to the one with the link without reading the actual discussion.

Hrm, was totally gonna say something else but then forgot while I've been watching TV. I've been writing this for probably 2 hours now during the commercials. That and waiting for the internet to work. Its likely that if this isnt posted till tomorrow, it means that the internet never came back up

Edit: Internets finally up this morning. Remembered what I wanted to say and thats the laptop on the comic I tried to make as close as possible to my actual laptop. Its grey with black keyboard and blue LEDs and a grey touchpad. It has a 17" widescreen display and a full keyboard. Its nice ;). Thanks to the real Burnout, I was finally able to make the SK sprite talk.