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Shadowkiller - 2006-10-25 20:35:46

Back Home:

Im home again, for the time being. Keeping up with comics. Keeping my fiancee happy. Keepin on keepin on. My laptop battery is dead and my computer is still under warrenty. So I called HP and spoke to their tech support. Well they are all Indian. Now I have no problem with Indian people but I do have a problem with making communication more difficult in order to save money. That said, the tech logged onto my computer over the internet and checked out the battery and agreed with me it was bad(took about 45 minutes and he did all the same stuff I did before that). Then he told me before they would send me a new battery, but they would need my credit card number first as collateral. Now I need a new battery but I object to this practice and voiced my opinion as such. This guy knows my battery is bad, he knows there is nothing I can do with it, he went through all the practices and procedures to prove it so, and yet the company trusts me, the customer, so little that they basically have to threaten to charge me full price for a bad battery to be sure they get it back. They could have sent me an empty box and sent me the new one once they got the old one(Its bad and does me no good anyway), or they could suspend some or all of my warrenty if they dont get the battery back, but no they threaten to charge me $130 if they don't get a useless dead battery back. /rant

Oh and this comic in no way portrays the real BO, remember that.

Later peeps :)

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Sha'mad Conde

Sha'mad Conde - 2006-10-26 23:24:27


You know, I am happy to see that the comics are coming back. I really am. The thing I have noticed though is that there seems to be a "critical mass" for comics around here though... Comic A comes back, and Comic B disappears. Comic B comes back, and Comic C disappears. BurntOut and WoT Now? are back, and COPPER is now on haitus.

What gives? Is there a cosmic law that states that if all the comics I like are running at the same time the world will implode in a great cosmic *Poink*?




Burnout - 2006-10-27 22:41:47

Blue is a pretty colour:

Thus begins my inaugural post. Yay. :)

Interesting is the community that, when the author of a little known niche comic goes incommunicado for almost two years... someone makes a comic ABOUT the comic author. This is all Shadowkiller's show of course.

Interesting concept actually. Kind of an insider comic... and gives SK the perfect place to mock me. All in good fun of course.

Now if you'll excuse me. I have to take a shower. Don't worry. I turned the camera off this time.