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Shadowkiller - 2006-11-03 21:25:53


Jeeze Louise, I asked for 150, you guys gave me 450. Either someone learned how to beat the system(and there is a way), or you guys really wanted a comic today. So as promised, here is the bonus comic for this week. I hope these visits become regular basis for you guys.

Now on to other news. My resume has been up for 3 days now and I've already had 5 opportunities sent my way. Some I am better suited for than others, but its still good. Ive followed up on all of them but one has me relocating to michigan, missouri, or california. Not possible in my current situation, but its a nice thought.

And more news, I think I am going to see Burnout today! I got a car today, I dont plan to work, and Im in Canada, how much better can it get? Its like a 4 hour drive to Toronto, but Im willing to give it a go... assuming I dont end up going in to work. While I am most certainly taken, he said he wouldnt mind a wingman with the ladies. I am a good wingman...though mostly for getting hammered. In any case, Im going to try to take lots of pics! Here's hoping!

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Sha'mad Conde

Sha'mad Conde - 2006-11-04 21:04:35


This post is for the people that don't visit the forums...

I am so proud I went to THIS SCHOOL.

Actually, I find the guy kind of interesting, and brave in the face of the adversity he is dealing with from the other faculty at Idaho State University. I don't believe what he believes, but I admire his willingness to persue what he believes in despite the opposition.



Shadowkiller - 2006-11-05 21:45:16

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