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Shadowkiller - 2006-11-17 22:27:44

Car troubles:

So I was talking with BO Thursday evening and was getting ready to head to Pizza hut to pick up a pizza. BO is of course busy this weekend which sucks. Anyway, Pontiac Grand Prixs require you to use the E-Brake to keep the headlights off during the night. I do this so that I am kind to the people in the hotel I am staying at and while I set up my car computer to play my book on CD, they are not getting headlights in their rooms. When I finally did pull out, my brakes were squeeking. Then, when I started going forward, I realized I was dragging a tire(it wouldnt turn). I commented to BO that my ABS light was on and he said it was a bad thing. I turned off the car and turned it on again and everything seemed to be okay.

Getting to Pizza Hut, I got out and grabbed my pizza. I got back in my car and did the same thing again with the E-Brake, this time for the poor people in the restaurant. Again I backed out with some serious squeeking and again when I pulled forward, was dragging a tire. No matter what I tried this time, I couldnt get the brake to release. I probably spent 20 minutes trying and finally figured out it was my rear driver side tire. By them I had dragged my car all over the parking lot trying to figure something out and ended up backing it into the Arbys. I got out, went in, and had them call me a tow truck. He showed up, checked out my tire, and said it was something with the caliper. He removed my Ebrake spring on that tire and then manually released the brake. Cost me $50, but I drove my car away under its own power. That was my fun thing for the day.

I mentioned the book on CD I am listening to. Well its Phantom by Terry Goodkind. Thus far its a very good book(I am almost done with it). I've decided there are several severe flaws with Terry Goodkind's style of writing. The number one flaw I've seen is that the protagonists and antagonists have very very different luck. The Antagonists seem to be the luckiest people alive. Everything goes in their favor all the time. Jagang has an army in the millions, he never suffers assasination attempts. Nobody is out to get him but the main characters. He has all the knowledge in the world available and the time to make use of it. And he knows how to use his gift. The only time the Antagonists ever have a problem is when they are directly confronted by the protagonists and suddenly the Protagonists seem to win against all odds. Kahlen is the only thorn in Jagangs side and he doesn't lock her up in a small box till he needs her.

Richard, on the other hand, has a very small army in comparison. Richard time and again suffers assasination attempts as well as getting captured no matter how powerful he is time and again(repeated for annunciation). Everyone is out to get him, not because he is in their way, but because they need him for whatever stupid plot they have in mind. He has no knowledge about anything and yet somehow manages to figure things out after unusually long times pondering them even though we the reader either have known for a very long time, or could never figure it out anyway nd never seems to have the time to make use of it before someone else comes and steals him away for their own plot. He has no idea how to use his gift even though he has been using it regularly for the last 6 books (Years of time in the books world). Somehow, no matter how many horrible and bad things happen to him, he somehow manages to keep getting away against all odds once again. He spends more time with the enemy then he does with his friends who spend more time trying to get him back then they do fighting the bad guys or learning good information. Its maddening to say the least.

That of course is my biggest problem with his writing style, not my only one. Some might notice how everything always seems to come to light shortly before it becomes useful. It was like when the people immune to magic came around. Where did they come from? Where did they go to? Over the course of like 2 books, they appeared, picked on Richard and not Jagang at all, then drifted off never to be heard of again. Robert Jordan mentioned like 800 things in the first 3 books, then spent the next 7 letting the readers find out bits and pieces slowly to build a nice little structure. Very few things seem to be written in for the convenience(sp) of the writer if any. I associate convenience writing to authors writing for a younger audience who don't care as much or just a shorter series where there isnt enough time to build a lot of questions before getting to the plot. If you are an author of a lengthy series and are writing for an older audience and still use convenience writing, you're not a very good author.

My last big issue with Terry Goodkind is his way of beating something into your head like 800 million times. He spent something like 5 chapters telling us about the attrocities of the Imperial Orders army even though we have been experiencing it throughout many of the books before. He explained the convenient Book of Shadows secret not just once, but rather twice as both the good guys and the bad guys figured it out and had to work out every detail just so we understood. I ask, Terry, are you quite done beating dead horses? No? Oh, well carry on then.

And I'm spent. Keep that in mind when the next comic comes and there is much less to it. ;) Later all.

Edit: I'll get the comic tomorrow. I don't like it when BO puts two comics in a row like that ;).

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Burnout - 2006-11-19 17:02:56

told ya:

'Twas a rental was it not? Shouldn't they have picked up the tab?

I actually gave up on Goodkind years ago. I kept waiting for him to do the whole "growth" thing as a writer. He didn't grow as far as I could tell. I thought that if I read one more torture scene in his books, I'd barf (not from the description, but with disgust in his imagination).

Hmmm... time to shove something up Mat's butt.