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The Hunt

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Shadowkiller - 2006-12-16 22:05:37

Apartment Hunting:

So that background was my attempt at Fal Dara. I did the walls brick by brick and the stakes point by point. I even found a new pattern called grass for the grass. If I remember correctly, they mention the stakes and things out there to kill trollocs and the like when they charge. Now we find out Shade was really Dark Stalker!!! Oh my goodness, what a twisted turn of events! What will happen next time? Tune in to find out... assuming I'm not lazy and a day late ;).

Since I have this new job, my fiancee and I have gone apartment hunting in Dekalb, IL. It was rather fun and I put together this spreadsheet of the top 3 places. First I listed out 10 things that were important to us. Then both Paula and put each of those 10 things on scale of 1-10 based upon how important we felt they were(and thus had two lists 1-10). After that I went to each of the different places and rated them on each of those 10 things on a scale of 1-10 and multiplied through by the weighting both Paula and I gave seperately, added all the numbers together and thereby quantified how good each apartment was. The first place we looked at was nice. It was within the price range and was basically better than average all around. The second place was f-ing nice. A little more expensive, but luxurious to say the least. The third place was not quite as luxurious, a little more expensive, but it had a seperate dining area and a full bathroom for the guests. Now we probably checked out over a dozen places amongst those three, but none even came close to those on the charts and so we didnt even discuss them.

To show you how good these places were, the first place scored around the 740s, the second in the 780s and the third pulled just under an 820. Nothing else scored above a 650. We felt really good about the third place and wanted to get on it right away. We called the lady and talked with her and asked her to send us an application. The one catch to this place, apparently in order to do credit checks on the both of us, it will cost $250. Holy crap! And if for some reason she doesn't want us living there, she could pocket the money and just say we failed the check. Other places typically charge around $30-$60 so its quite obvious something is fishy. The other problem is we are so in love with the place, how do we let go? Decisions decisions. Give her the money and run the risk or settle for our second choice because what we want is too risky. You now they say no pain no gain. What do you guys think?

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Sha'mad Conde

Sha'mad Conde - 2006-12-17 20:25:16

Sounds like a scam:

There is no way a credit check should cost that much. Out where I live, if a place wants to do a credit check on you, the cost is eaten by the landlords. I have heard that the check can run $30-40 dollars in some places, but $250 is just ridiculous. Sounds too fishy to risk. Go with the second place, man.



Shadowkiller - 2006-12-18 10:54:02


So we've called back the place as well as the ERA agent that met with us at the townhouse. The lady who wants to charge us $250 said it was $75 per credit check(one for each of us), and $100 for her time. Holy crap her time is expensive considering she is trying to get us as customers. That said, even the ERA agent said it was a bit steep and said she would call and talk it over with the lady. For now, we are looking into the second place. Sometimes good things come with a catch.
Edit: Nobody noticed that what Burnout was yelling had changed from two comics ago to this one. It was bugging me cause I had done it on the fly and I found out he went from AHHhhh... to ...oooOOO. So now I have changed it and if it still says ...oooOOO, be sure to refresh your page and it will reload the comic.