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Shadowkiller - 2007-01-25 21:15:19


I know I know, monologuing. Its the only way I can keep the story moving and keep you all in the know without having stupid thought bubbles that would basically be the same thing. You know, its really me who will be impressed if I got monologuing right. Is monologuing even a word? I also laughed at the idea of Lan saying that stuff to Rand just to make the stupid farmboy feel better. Its always good to reread a story with a new perspective. Oh and I also thought it was funny to have Lan compare himself to the creator. Could you get more full of yourself?

The fiancee is moving into our new place this weekend. Not sure if thats a good or bad thing. It means she'll basically be there for half a month without me(though I will be there every other day so maybe it wont be too bad. I'll be following her over the course of the next month. If moving gets in the way, I might not get around to making comics. But at a double for each one BO makes, I should catch up by the end of the year XD.

So as for that poll, I'll have you all know Paula is my bride-to-be. Becca is a long time friend that she thinks is very attractive and myself not so much. Uthra is a very busty Indian(from India) girl who likes to show off her curvatious curves. Emma, is the reason this poll was written. She is a very attractive Bridesmaid in our wedding. She has also been a good friend of Paula's for a very long time(hense why she is a bridesmaid). The first time I met her, I couldnt take my eyes off her. She is also an Engineer. Safe to say, Paula told me I better be looking at her(Paula) and not Emma at the wedding and I proceeded to tell her how I am much more attracted to her(Paula) than I am to Emma. So much so I felt the need to ask you all to participate. Safe to say, I'm not gonna let Paula know the results of the poll, I'm not sure how well she'd like that :P. Oh and for all of you who picked Gollum, he is an ugly gray guy who looks like a zombie and is computer animated. For shame!

Alright everyone, I gots crap to take care of, TTYL.