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Shadowkiller - 2007-02-19 20:39:28


Wow! I've been watching Heroes almost religiously and its an absolutely amazing show. In case you haven't seen it, its about the next step of evolution of mankind. Much like X-men only live action and not a movie. Stan Lee was in the latest episode! In any case, there are a number of characters I really like and really dislike and I don't mean the like and dislike I'm supposed to have. First, I should say I really hate dramas cause life does not need to be dramatic. Plenty of people live out happy and exciting lives without drama. I try to be one of them(though the occasional scuffle with the fiancee does drive me up the wall occasionally ;)). Now back to the heroes!

Peter Petrelli - This guy rules of course. His power is to absorb the powers of others around him and even goes as far as being able to reuse them whenever he wants to. The problem I have with him is he is coming to terms with his powers and his love life. It reminds me much of an angsty teenager except this guy is supposed to be 26. The more he learns how to use his powers, the more emotional he gets and the less I like his character. I'm glad he is learning to use his powers, it feels good, but act your age.

Nathan Petrello - Peters older brother and a polititian. He is a flyboy, quite literally. He can fly, and he is a neat person, but a jackass at times. Go find your daughter!

Niki/Jessica - Sisters...or are they. Niki has split personalities, Jessica was her sister and now is her other personality. Jessica is quite evil and has super strength. This character has shown no growth at all for the past half dozen episodes. Jessica is in control right now and instead of learning to take back control of her body, Niki spends the time whining like a little school girl.

Matt - Ex-cop and mind reader. Neat character. Seems like a smart guy but keeps making dumb choices. I like the fact that he has kind of turned into a neutral character and you don't know which way he will go next but come on, he was a cop, he knows better than to take evidence from the scene of the crime and especially to keep it.

Hiro - Probably the coolest character in the show. Problem is he has confidence issues. He spent the first several episodes using his power and becoming awesome at it only to lose them because he now has no confidence. Now he is on the hero's journey. I guess it has to happen eventually.

Sylar - Oh my god this character is rediculous. Part of being a badguy is being behind the scenes. The thing is, he is one of the main characters and we get to follow him around as he brutally murders over and over and over again. We get the point, he is evil. We get the point, he has lots of powers. Oh yeah, forgot to tell you that he takes other hero's powers by eating their brains(well maybe not eating, but certainly cutting out of their head). Bad guys are supposed to be behind the scenes because it gets boring very quickly to keep seeing the evil without good to oppose it.

Mohinder - No known power as of yet, but he is the geneticist who is following in his fathers footsteps to find the heroes. His father found Sylar and is now dead. Mohinder also found Sylar and just hasn't figured it out yet. Stop being dumb!

Claire - Thank god you finally stood up to your freaking father! Now if only she had a weapon to fight with. All she has is wolverines super healing without the adamantine claws. Anyone else think a cheerleader with adamantine claws would rule?

There are others but I don't feel like going any further into details. In any case, here is the comic I promised! Enjoy!

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Shadowkiller - 2007-02-20 08:30:04


Alright, I think I got all the Children of the Dragon stuff back up. I would appreciate it if everyone who has a little time could click on the link for COTD and wander around a little bit. I'm looking for broken links, old links, or missing pics. I already know of a couple of the Magic Cards that are missing and I'll see if I can replace them. Just post any findings in the shoutbox.


Shadowkiller - 2007-02-26 06:24:48


Hey Ya'll, just wanted to let you know I've gone and moved into my new place. What it means is that I have boxes left and right. What that means is that I am unpacking still. What that means is I am busy every evening till I am done. What that means is that I don't have time for another comic at the moment. Give it a week and we'll see how the house looks :). Till then, sorry.


Shadowkiller - 2007-03-05 21:23:53


Stupid stupid webhost is being crappy. Having trouble uploading a new file.