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Shadowkiller - 2007-03-16 05:35:52

Fill in the Blank:

Alright guys, for lack of a comic from either Burnout or I, I've decided to have some fun. I've posted a comic that I removed the text from. What I want from you guys is to fill in the blank. Right click on the comic and save the file to your computer and then edit it with your own text. I will post any I receive back on a day to day basis. If my nefarious plan actually works and I get a bunch back, I will post the funniest ones with a new one every day. Then, if it keeps working, I will keep posting a new blank comic every week till I return. If it doesn't work though, we'll just go back to stagnant nothingness. Once you've filled in the blanks, save it as a jpg or gif file and email it back to me at "Shadowkiller" at "Burntoutcomic" dot "com". I don't want to put the actual email address since I know bots hit my site every day and I don't want any picking it up. Say it out loud and if you still cant get it, click on my name at the top of this post here and it will take you somewhere where you can get my email address. Till then, later!