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Wheres Burnout Finally

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Shadowkiller - 2005-05-09 21:11:48


So finally here is the winner. Our finder of da Burnout is Witsd. He submitted two images and while technically having two didnt help, it also didnt hurt. While the Wheres Waldo wasnt creative, it was funny and its a good closeout to our Wheres Burnout Contest. The galaxy one I thought was funny and creative, but it lacked a little something I required...a pic of Burnout. So I guess technically I meshed them together and just accepted it all as a single entry and let it win. If you think its unfair or something, I never said it would really be fair ;P. Anyway, thanks for playing and next week I am going to attempt to begin real Burnt Out Comix. I am going to attempt a 3 times a week schedule and see how it works. I have a storyline from Witsd, and, though sketchy, I am going to attempt to make it funny.