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Mistborn 2 Approved

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Shadowkiller - 2008-03-06 14:51:39

Someone Asked.:

So yeah, someone asked if it was approved, and here is your answer. Its a wonderful book once again. Both of the main characters annoyed me a little with their emotional issues, but I have to remember that the girl is only like 17 or 18 years old. There were enough other things that made it all better. One of the things I like about Brandon Sanderson is that he doesn't fall into the typical setups. The main character doesn't makes stupid choices. She may be confused but she acts confused and doesn't settle on anything until she works it out for herself. Even the choices she makes don't seem outright stupid and aren't made for dumb reasons. I have had too many books that I'm sitting there going 'WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT YOU STUPID TWIT!!!" I have yet to do that with these books.

Also he broaches subjects that are typically left out of other books. If RJ covers every aspect of the buildup to the last battle, Brandon Sanderson handles the opposite end of the timeline. The last battle happens in the first book and everything afterwards is all about working together to make the world right again. He seriously surprises you with some of the things that happens and you get a true feel for the characters.

The 'magic' in this world is totally different as well and the races aren't the same old same old. Everything in his story feels truly unique. I'm fascinated by it all and can't wait for book 3. I may have to go to his Elantris book series as well and read that.

My only real issue with the series in general is that he spends so much time on the actual story that we know almost nothing about the world itself. Basically when we learn something new about the world, it is because it is knocking on our door. The questions aren't 'The Stone of Tear? What's that?' 2 books pass by with you wondering and then you spend an entire book going there and learn everything there is to know. Its more like, 'the koloss? What's that and why are they approaching the city? Where did they come from and why have I never heard of them before now.' It doesn't seem like coincidence writing where some coincidence happens that ends up being the entire reason the bad guys lose, it seems more like he has it all planned but just doesn't have the time to tell us about it until he is there.

In any case, I'll try to return to our storyline by the end of the weekend. Later!