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Shadowkiller - 2008-03-22 21:23:32

Trying some new things:

So one of the worst things I had with the old comics was the chat bubbles. I hated them. The way I did them was by making a white box with a black border. Then I'd draw two lines with the starting points near the mouth of the character talking and the ending points at two spots along the edge of the box. We just before that, I had to set the lines to a single point so they'd look blocky instead of fading off. Then I'd select them all and flatten them into a single picture. Then I'd fill in the empty space between the lines and the box with white and last I would draw white across the edge of the box between where the lines touched it. This gave me my final chat bubble.

But all this was a major main in the ass. With this comic I am trying to be as absolutely lazy as possible. This means if I do a new sprite for a comic, it'll probably be the only new one for that comic and the comic before and after. This also means the end of the old way of chat bubbles. In case you hadn't noticed prior, I no longer indicate who is talking through the bubble originating at someone's mouth. Now it is just a box. To help people understand, I decided to use different fonts to represent different voices.

From this point forward, the original standard of 13 point bold Garamond will be used for random NPCs that mean nothing to the storyline(or perhaps very little). Kelg's voice is rough and loud so I found a font called Original Olinda Style by joaoangelim. I've always imagined Ushio as a little bit oriental so I found a font called Bonzai. All fonts can be found at dafont. Enjoy!