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Shadowkiller - 2008-05-10 15:31:02

Work Work Work:

Finally got around to finishing the comic. Enjoy.

So now to tell you why I've been so busy recently. Up till about 3 weeks ago, I had been working in the office designing systems, programming, writing manuals for our equipment, etc. I designed a bunch of systems, and didn't do the installation on any of them because the customers waited. Finally, two of the largest systems were scheduled to be the same time. I obviously can't be in two places at once, so I got to take one of them alone while my boos helped my coworker install a system I designed and sweated over for weeks. That system was far more complicated, but I got to stay in town with the one I got to work on.

So finally I'm the lead engineer on the project. The problem is the customer has such horrible documentation that I have to make up for it by traveling to the site over and over and checking drawings and answering questions for our electricians. I fought to keep ahead of the game and keep on our schedule. I managed to do so while being the only engineer in the office capable of answering questions for our field technicians.

Last week came around and we were actually installing the equipment. It became apparent that the customer was struggling to maintain their end of the schedule, and then the questions started. The guy we were working with was rather abrasive, but I just assumed he was under pressure and was taking it out on us a little bit. But being that I am young, it was tough to face him down and he kept finding all our faults. Meanwhile we were still able to keep our end of the schedule even though we had to struggle to fix our mistakes. The guy obviously didn't like us.

This week came along and the customer was pushing back our schedule because they thought we didn't know what we were talking about and no longer trusted our word. That's what they told us at least, but we knew it was because they were behind and were going to blame it on us. So we made ourselves as available as possible. We were on site as often as we could be, and due to issues on the other job, my boss was able to join in the fun. We worked late nights because we didn't get the equipment till everyone else was done with it for the day. In the end, we finished what we came to do and we finished on time...and so did the customer.

It was a fight between us and the customer, and we came out relatively even. At least we didn't fail or it would have looked very bad.

Well that's it, I get to relax and you guys get a comic. Enjoy!