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Shadowkiller - 2005-05-09 21:25:53

Dealing with teh junk:

This is the first comic along the line of Witsds storyline. Yes, I had to make that TV, aint it grand? What some of you might not realize is that Im cutting and pasting parts and pieces of the old comic comments in here. They may not all make sense, but Im trying to keep them on date till I catch up with what happened. I had to seperate the Wheres Burnout Contest pics. They used to be bunched together. With this new php site, I had to seperate them. But Ill do every day till Im caught up again which should be quick. In any case, some comments may disappear, or more around. You just have to deal ;).

First thing first. Happy Valentines Day! While I dont have a valentine, I do want one. Perhaps there is a woman out there who also is without a valentine. The first girl out there who emails me her address will recieve something in the mail from me. Only one person, only the first I get, but try and try hard. Unfortunately I cant guarentee that I can do this for people outside the US, so I have to limit it to the US only.

Today I am probably spending a lot of time on a plane and such heading out to Georgia this time. Anyone out there? I dont exactly know the city Im headed to so more info on that later, but I will note that depending on my schedule, I may have to wait till tomorrow to make due on my above promise. Anyway, I gotta finish packing again and go to bed. Later peeps! :)