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Christmas 2008

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Shadowkiller - 2009-01-04 21:29:56


I figured I'd give an update of happenings here at Since I didn't have any art to put up here, I figured I'd post a picture of my two nephews and me celebrating Xmas at my parents house. I love Conner's face and Dillan is a cute kid too. That said, on with the news.

First, I'd like to welcome Anime Prime. I have offered, and Jim Lazar has accepted that offer, to mirror his website here at I started reading his work back in college probably in 2001ish. He has some wonderful fanfic involving two of my favorite anime series Evangelion and Ranma 1/2. Unfortunately, as many websites fall victim to, his real life caught up with him and he had to cut out early. Jim did manage to finish Garden of Eva, but Modern Dynasty was not so lucky. As efforts to maintain his website become harder the further his real life strays, he decided to call out for a mirror in case the worst happens and he can no longer keep Anime Prime running. Since I'm basically maintaining an archive of many of my own projects here, I offered. Now on to the warning. Many of his stories contain adult content. Be warned before you read, if you aren't comfortable(or are too young ;P) reading stories with a sexual and sometimes explicit nature, do not go there. That said, on with more stuff.

My current personal project, Burnt Out Valley, has slowed quite a bit but is still coming along. I've got several places to go set up now and I'm currently working on a dragon genome interpreter. Keep up to date on the latest developments at Shadowburn Forums Topic: Personal Project.