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Shadowkiller - 2005-05-10 16:41:00


That always bugged me. I never understood how people couldnt put two and two together. The Daily Reporter(or whatever supermans newpaper place was called) shoulda fired Clark because he sucked. He never made it to the scene to make a report, he was always just a few minutes late. He also looked perfectly like superman just he wore glasses and no costume. It was ridiculous.

Alright, Ive been getting increasingly frustrated with my work. First, my boss is never around. He is so busy traveling from place to place, he leaves me at the one place I know pretty well and expects me to be the representative for our company. Meanwhile I have nothing to do because I do my work well and am usually done with what he gave me within a day of him leaving. Next, my coworkers keep coming to me and telling me whats expected of me. 10+ hour workdays, 7 days a week, 7am starting time, etc. I can do 7am, Ill work 10+ hours if there is work to be done, and 7 days a week is okay as long as the weekend is required because either we are way behind and need to catch up or we need to do work where nobody else can be there. Cept the factory works on the weekends too so thats not the reason. Basically what it comes down to is everyone else is 40+ years old, married, away from home, and doesnt have any obligations(stuff to do when off work time). They have nothing to do at the hotel so why not work 12 hours a day. They want to get back to their families, so the faster the job gets done the better(7 day weeks). And they are kinda their own bosses since they just need to get their work done so they come and go when they want(usually between 7am and 7pm is their work time). I, on the other hand, have nobody to go home to that I cant communicate with online, have plenty of online obligations that take small to large portions of my day, enjoy my relaxation time, and work hard enough that I get most if not all of my work done(thats been given to me thus far) in 8 hours or less. There is no reason for me to work more then a 40 hour work week. But its like Office Space with pieces of flair. You can do the minimum, but everyone else does more. By doing whats expected, you look bad. By overachieving, you are doing whats expected. Why not just change whats expected to what everyone does? Its dumb and its got me all frustrated so Im gonna have a talk with my boss and see what is expected of me. If they truely expect me to work 70 hour workweeks, Im going to look up the legality of it all and start looking for another job. *le sigh* Well, off to bed, must awake earlyshmerly.