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What really happened

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Shadowkiller - 2005-05-11 15:44:31


I just thought the last panel in yesterdays comic needed some explaining. You people with your dirty dirty minds. Now to think of something a bit more philosphimical. Are we allowed to have what we most wish for in life? You know, that thing deep down that if you couldnt have anything else, youd want that. Or perhaps we are unknowingly given what we most need and not what we want. Why dont what we want and need share one and the same being. Are we too greedy? Perhaps our small minds dont comprehend what will truely make us happy. Maybe you have to work for it. But if work is true, how hard must you work. What if you are accident prone and its not your fault, you tried and failed. Dont you still deserve to get what you want? Is there such thing as fate? Does what you truely want coinside with fate? Are you destined to get your way or is your way already chosen and what you want has no effect? What if this is all bunk and the only reason we dont get what we want is because we fail at our goal, dont work hard enough or perhaps even are stopped by others wishes and dreams. What if nothing in your life is your fault, you have just been forced along the path you are on because it was the only possible path to tread with all the others who have fogged the way before you? What if nothing means anything and we are all just gnats in the great place we call a universe, waiting to be swatted by something bigger that is bothered by us. I guess Ill know when I finally die, eh? Or maybe not so much. I could use some companionship on those long cold nights. Oh well, thats life.