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Shadowkiller - 2005-05-11 15:55:07


Heres your double. Man Im tired, 6 hours of travel followed by 7 hours of work and work wasnt nice and quiet, no, it was hectic and hellish. Didnt get anything done today because I spent so much time just keeping the damn conveyors moving. Well in any case, now for my weekend.

It began with the days I told you about. Tuesday, 12 hours, Wednesday 11, Thursday 11 after staying up all night(much of the 11 was staying up all night), Followed by 7 or 8 hours of travel Thursday. Sleepytime was too soon in coming that night. Friday I woke feeling much better and proceeded to do the comic then play World of Warcraft the rest of the day. Woke up plenty early Saturday, found out when the party was going to be(My friend Miche turned 21 :D) and learned it would be just down the street. I offered to let the after party party be at my place and proceeded to stock my place with plenty of liquer($150 worth O_O), bought Miche a fun little 21 present, then went to the bar. I was the wingman considering most people had stuff to do the next morning(being Easter). Well Miche and I got thoroughly smashed, trashed, and thrashed out of our skulls. I threw up first(Not sure why, probably because I gave her advice on how to last longer drinking and promptly ignored it for myself), but from what she told me the next morning, she threw up in the bushes before her boyfriend took her home. The next morning I found myself feeling quite well with a mild headache. She, on the other hand, was bedridden. Her tummy didnt feel well and neither did she. I told her to drink some water, take a multi-vitamin, and eat some breads to attempt to settle her stomach a little. I proceeded to head to my grandparents house(1.5 hour drive). Ate easter dinner there, hung out with my extended family for a bit and headed out. Got home around 6 or 7ish, was tired cause I went to bed at 2 or 3ish and woke at 8am not to mention 3 hours of travel and a relatively active day. Packed my bags, called the limo company, paid bills, cleaned up my house, did some other crap, and finally sat down to work on the comic before realizing I was beat and needed to be awake at 5:30. So now I give you the comic. Enjoy ;).

As for today, Airport was packed the day after Easter and Spring break travel day for those starting it this week. Road down from Birmingham to Montgomery was packed. Got to work at 1 and immediately got hounded by bad things happening. Horrible horrible day. Not that it didnt go quick, but as I said, worked a 7 hour day. Well the time is nigh to sleep off my tiredness. Good eve to all of you, and to those who read this on the 29th, good day.