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Dont Anger Aes Sedai

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Shadowkiller - 2005-05-11 16:04:50


Bloody World of Warcraft. I stayed up way too late and today will be hell at work because Im gonna be so tired. Oh how I wish for 10am starting times once more. Something youll notice in my comics, the characters from the books are not going to have exactly the same personalities as those in the books. In reality, Moiraine probably wouldnt talk to herself or Lan, at least not in the open. In reality, Moiraine probably never would have lost her temper, at least not so easily. And in reality, Burnout is not on really on fire, so who fricken cares! Not that anyone but me seems to have thus far :D. I get no fanmail to stroke my ego :(. Heh heh, now off to bed, have at it :D.