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Shadowkiller - 2005-05-12 09:59:08


I have a new phone friend, WEEEEEEEE!!! Okie, as for the comic, not much, yeah, Friday caught me by surprise. But I need a time passing thing to move RAFO! Okie, tired again. I gotta wake up tomorrow cause the contractor is out for the weekend. He refused to work an 80 hour week. We both have been getting shit piled upon us. Today we just started adding the safeties to the system. You know, the things where if something happens, the system will auto stop so people dont die. Well there was a guy they brought in from germany for his expertise. Well he even said it, he is an electrician, not a programmer. Yet he was trying to tell me how to do my job. I about threw him out of the Control Room. Anyway, onto what I was saying, he decided that the time to test all those safeties was right in the middle of production. My job for the past two months was to keep production running and the safeties hasnt been used during any of that time. Well him stopping production was my personal problem and it was pissing me off. Finally at one point, he was with another one of my higher ups and I said to them why cant they do that at night. Well the other higher up said started yelling at me saying that they paid $25k to bring him in from germany and this and that and the other thing and I was just thinking to myself, "Um, wait, doesnt he work for us? Isnt this part of his job? Why does he deserve special treatment, the rest of us come in to test things at night, let him do the same stuff." In any case, I calmed him down and he got over it. The rest of the day was hectic and I almost was scared to leave the conveyor. Sigh, that is all, laterz :).