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Nerg, the Trolloc.

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Shadowkiller - 2005-05-12 10:04:26


Okay, so today was my first day on the second shift. Thats right, with the site working so well, me and the contractor needed to move to a 3-midnight shift. But, this morning, the first morning I was to come in late, I got 4 phone calls. I went in for two of them and thus, I didnt get to sleep till like noon like I wanted to. I was working at 7am, at 10:30am, and then again at 3. It really blew ass. Then, after a nice dinner at Applebees. We went back and did some more stuff. Then one of the F-ing Koreans from one of the other systems that working in the plant, oh, not just one, the head F-ing Korean, decided it was time, at 10:30 at night, co come and bitch at me that he was angry our system didnt work today. I nearly flipped and kicked his mother F-ing ass. He told me that it had been over two months since we first told him we were supposed to get the radio frequency readers programmed and yet we hadnt yet. He was very angry, he kept telling me, over and over, time and again, until I nearly jacked him in the jaw. In any case, I told him to leave after a while, that he was wasting my time and his time since I was working on his money. After a while, we finally got rid of him by saying that he shouldnt be talking to me, afterall I am the lowest person in my company, he should talk to my boss. And that wasnt even the end of it either, but if I told you everything, it would be pages and I dont feel like that so I think thats all for today. Im glad I did the comic after the first call this morning or it wouldnt be here today. Im fricken tired, good morning :).