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The Poor Bunnies

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Shadowkiller - 2005-05-12 13:13:09


Yum, yesterday was fun. I slept till like 11:30 after going to sleep at like 12:30(11 hours of sleep), woke, showered, did some other stuff(including making the comic), and headed off to work around 2:30ish. It was rainy and stormy and stuff. All in all, fun stuff. Well I was working and I was in the middle of writing some code, and then the power went out. It was out for...hrm, maybe 4 or 5 hours. So basically I didnt work today. YAY!!!! Then we went in after the power turned back on and made everything run again and then turned it off again and left. Thus was my day. Anyway, I feel like keeping it short so there :).

So Nerg is a trolloc, and that you shall have to deal with. He grew up with the sort of family that likes to kill things. He cant be blamed for the bunnie rabbits and the fuzzy squirrels. Leave the poor guy alone. And he likes to say likkle because he thinks its cute and likkle is cute. So :P. Have a nice day :D