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Numa Numa

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Shadowkiller - 2005-05-12 13:21:10


Alright, first an update on when the website will change over to its slightly new look. First, I need to change all the webpages found in the archive. As there are 40, and I need to completely change the format of them, this takes a while. I am half done. Second, I wait on a couple of people to give me an update. This means I need to get off my ass and ask them. Last, I need to post all the pics. But that can come later I guess. Oh yeah, if you dont know what Numa Numa is, then click on the link.

Next, yesterday was fun. I took the day off work. Unlike you younguns, we got something called personal days. This means I can take a day off just to relax. I took one. I proceeded to change my address on my license, renew my license plates, and change my address at my bank. Then I went and got my cat. YAY!!! His name is Rascal, he roxxors. I took pics of my preggo sis and other stuff. Then I came home. In the end, it was a rather relaxing day. Work again tomorrow...yay. Anyway, catch yall later.