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Beware the Gaze of the Woman

My Daily Comics:

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Shadowkiller - 2005-05-12 13:22:48


Right, so Tuesday I fly to Germany for the week...yay. I bought myself some German CDs and stuff to help me relearn the language. I actually remember a lot. Anyway, nothing special today. Later. Edit: That is supposed to be Min. The reason she wears a dress is because thats how Burnout made her and thats how she is gonna be dressed while I have her. I could attempt to change it, but I dont care that much. Plus Min has brown hair Im pretty sure, not black. In any case, she is female, she is special, leave her alone :P. Oh yeah, one more thing. I got another email from the comic publishing company that is doing New Spring. The first 3 double pages have been posted for your enjoyment. View them HERE.