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Attack of the Hundred Fans

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Shadowkiller - 2005-05-12 13:24:36


YO YO YO!! Guess what happened friday. 8am, go to work. 10am, boss comes to me and tells me they need me in Alabama for Saturday. Thats it...Saturday. Okie, so then I left Friday at 6:30, got in Alabama and slept. Then went in in the morning and did some stuff. Royally boring day ifins you ask me. Then went back to the hotel, slept and went ahead and missed my flight. So thens I called the travel agency, they got me a different one. I drive back to the airport and fly from Birmingham to Cincinatti to Chicago and came home. God it was a crappy weekend. But something I did do, I got a php website functioning. Thus all thats left for me to do is change it to the new site. Unfortunately that means that all the work I did is bunk. I get to start all over. Lucky for me its a little less work for this method then the other. Just gotta do it. Well see how long it takes me. Believe me, I have a whole new respect for people who work full time and do a 7 day a week comic. Crazy man. Until Wednesday... Oh, no guarentee there will be a comic Wednesday or Friday. There should be, but dont be surprised if there isnt one. Ill make it up later, dont worry. Germany, here I come!