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Mashadar Needs Pepto-Bismol

My Daily Comics:

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Shadowkiller - 2005-05-17 22:10:24


I guess I really wanted to bring Mashadar into this since Burn spent so long working on the poor sprite. I spent like half an hour cutting our several of the poses from Burnouts comic. I feel like this whole story line is kinda missing something important. I can't quite place it but its like its missing the plot or something. But it has a plot, I just feel like its missing something anyway.

My apartment is really coming together now. I have my Game Cube, my Stereo Receiver, My Speakers functioning, My Digital Camera, My Webserver, My Good Internet, and Everything Else I can currently think of. I really enjoy it here now and Im really gonna miss it when I am gone. *Sigh* Now I just need my catty back.

In work news, next week I go back down to Alabama for the week. My boss said not for it to be longer because the weekend after is Memorial Day weekend and he sure aint workin so why should I. He told me to try and get all the programming done while Im down there and that way I wont have to go back again. So now at work Ive been coding in an attempt to get down there and do the tests I need to do and be done quickly instead of spending the whole week on a single task.

*Pokes teh other two* :)

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witsd - 2005-05-18 08:50:37


Quit with the pokage already.

I have three essays due in on Friday. You may already know this, you may not.
Either way, I`m supposed to be super-busy, and I need to go and write one of them now. Maybe in a week I`ll contribute to this properly, but untill then, ocassional grumblage is the best you`re getting.

Relevent/relevant (delete as applicable) stuff:
I`ve never been to Alabama. I doubt I ever will.
I don`t know how to program anything beyond a video recorder... No, scrap that.
I don`t know how to program Anything.

Also, what is to be remembered upon memorial day?
*Utilises passive research*

*Pokes the other one*