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Shadowkiller - 2005-05-26 21:59:21

Uncle! pt.2:

After this point I never thought Lan and Nynaeve were the same. In the first book Nynaeve is a powerful presense. Then she goes on to get flustered a lot and finally turn into a girly girl. Lan just loses it. He was such a badass, and then he basically becomes slaveboy for Nynaeve. Yeah, supposedly he is protecting her to keep from jumping off a cliff, but he better grow a backbone when Moiraine returns, and she will, I have faith. We thought Thom was dead too.

Oh, and I was actually gonna draw the background for this one, but then I realized I had a background that was almost exactly as I imagined the clearing to be. I had to use it, so I did. Now go read the chapter that occurs right after Shadar Logoth, I think I got everything just right to make it look like this scene could have happened. I read it before writing this one to attempt to bandage it together.

I fly home for the weekend today, Memorial Day Weekend, YAY!!! I like having an extra day off. Dillan is the name of my nephew, which is why Damien sounded wrong. Here is a pic of the kid, Dillan Robert. You should sign his guestbook and say that his Uncle Brandon was right, he is cute.

I had such a strange dream last night. It was so odd, because of everything. I was going to play DnD with a couple of my friends. Well the couple that was together at the DnD session havent (IRL) been together for years and they were fighting and I predicted they would break up because of reasons. Then the guy in the relationship started necking with this other chick right there and said at least he'd be getting sex tonight. Then the DnD session kinda morphed into a party and we were at my old house (IRL, the house is sold, gone, out of my life).

I was hitting on this chick and we were both kinda drunk, well I guess she was more hitting on me and I couldnt believe my luck cause girls just dont hit on me. Then she goes on to say she is a lesbian and I feel rotten once again. Then my sister comes in and she is still pregnant and she has one of her nurse friends in tow. She introduces me and the others to the friend and then tells us she is a lesbian and is getting married to this girl that weekend. Im dumbfounded because I didnt know my sister and her hubby were having troubles. I ask about him and she didnt really answer but she said she was moving to the Netherlands because her and her soon to be wife could be free to live there as they liked and they were going to raise the baby there. I was also confused because they seemed to imply that the baby was this other chicks baby and not my Brother-in-law which totally confused me in the dream and thats about when I woke.

My sister is definitely not moving to the Netherlands with her lesbian lover, its all a dream, but that doesnt mean its not still funny. Anyway, off to work. Later.

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witsd - 2005-05-27 21:29:47


Re-reading book 1 right now, as it happens, and you're quite right. Lan was much cooler back then. I think the main reason he's lost it so much is that RJ's had to up the ante of bad guy.
At the point we're at now, what's one Myrrdraal? Nuffink.
By now, how many of the cast haven't killed one?

Thus Lan is not this untouchable superhero. He's just some bloke who's in love with a stupid whiny cow.

I don't remember if I drempt last night... Sorry for the lack of entertainment.

Shadow Weaver

Shadow Weaver - 2005-05-28 06:03:08


Another penny in the pot about Lan and Nynaeve: agreed on the change. 's funny 'cause Nynaeve was/still is my sister's favourite character right from the beginning, but I haven't a clue what she sees in her. I don't like any of RJ's characters without you think he set out to pull an uber-Austen? To create a book whose entire cast was completely unlikeable? He's doing that quite well.

I dreamt about ice cream...I was in the music block basement, at my old school, where we used to hang out at lunch, and it had, like, a mini-bar of loads of different flavours of ice cream. I had an orange spoon and was taking out a spoonful from each tub, and I wanted to have all of them before someone (a teacher?) arrived - I'd hardly had two spoonfuls when they came in. One of them was Shar Tillmer (of Louise Cooper's 'Daughter of Storms' trilogy). I can't remember the rest. Ho hum.

Fun fact: Bangladesh is getting thrashed by England in the cricket.

only because they're English


Shadowkiller - 2005-05-30 02:33:42

Memorial Day:

You know what? Its Memorial Day here in the US. The day we remember our fallen soldiers. Its also a holiday, and in that light, I shall take the day off. Expect a comic tomorrow :). Later