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The Night Stalker Arrives

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Shadowkiller - 2005-06-03 21:03:51

Life, The Universe, and Everything:

Yeah, so I figured out what was missing. A bad guy. There was no fight, no threat, just a vacation of the BO. So I figure a wolf shall do me proud. What do you guys think? I pondered calling him the Dark Hound, but then I figured it might be confusing as he is not a Darkhound.

As for that little quote from my last post yesterday, it was from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I always loved Marvin the Paranoid Android. He was so cool. At any point in the history of the universe, there were like 37 of him. Or maybe he was just 37 times older then the universe itself at the end of the series. In any case, he was so cool and yet so real all at the same time. Brain the size of a planet.

Anyway, as for my sickness. It was a gastrointestinal thing that had me near incapacitated with pain in my left side. My sister is a nurse, I called her and she gave me some advice which worked. Safe to say, I wont tell you about it.

You know, I am a very lonely person. Every once in a while, I remember how lonely I really am. I find someone who I would love to spend my life with. The only problem is that I have found someone like that before. I think everyone finds someone like that every once in a while, even after they have made their commitment to another. So the question is how do you know who is the one? Many, including myself, would say that you wont truely know until your dead. But what if there is a sign when you first meet someone, something that says they are the right one? How does one tell if they see it? Is it possible to miss the sign and end up with someone they aren't supposed to be with? How often does this happen? What can you do to stop it?

In the end, I think I always want something more in life and now that I have work, I want love next so I strive to find it. Love is not something you look for, love finds you. Thus I shall not find it any time soon and anything that I think may be a spark is thusly not. Oh well, maybe next time. Later folks :).

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Shadowkiller - 2005-06-04 06:24:32


Im sorry, but I removed the gallery as my site has been really crappy since then. I'll see what I can do to shrink the pics and get it back up. Until then.

Shadow Weaver

Shadow Weaver - 2005-06-05 03:47:48


Someone find this guy a girl! Quick!

Seriously, make the SK happy. Unhappy endangered species have a way of dying prematurely. Or worse, losing all their hair.


Yesterday, at work, my colleague and I were having a fairly meaningless conversation about exams and people and life - she's a green young thing, only 15, very sure of herself and suffering no obvious insecurities. Anyway, she said I was a geek. I emphatically refuted that I was not, but she was. She even has the right geek-glasses XD

But then she said, 'I'm not a geek because I have a social life!'


So now 15-year-old sprouts think I have no life. Kind of got a bit hung up on it, because she was so serious about it. 'You're always online, you read all these webcomics and you can speak leet!' (I'm not, I don't, and I can't can only to ensure self-survival.)

Blah, kids XD

It's interesting though, because it's a reminder of how careful you have to be not to judge people, and always to be aware of the things you don't know about them, even when you think you do. Yesterday seemed to be the day for it, too - I'd discovered a book about the football grounds of England which the Head Librarian of the borough had written, and I showed my boss, commenting that I didn't know he was a football nut, to which he replied, 'there's probably a lot you don't know - there's a lot you don't know about me'


Anyway, I have to go and augment my non-existent life by taking a class that I haven't finished preparing.


Shadowkiller - 2005-06-05 22:06:28

Another Delay:

I worked all day, I need to be up early in the morning, I really just want some sleep. I know I know, I keep doing this tomorrow thing. I think I shall make it up to you guys once more and do a double comic. Meanwhile I am pondering moving all comics over by a day and doing Tuesday Thursday Saturday updates. What do you guys think?
YAY, SW posted. Now to get you to post more regularly dearest. That and witsd. More postings la la la la.