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Wheres Burnout Cover

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Shadowkiller - 2005-05-07 20:46:29

WBO Contest Results:

Alright, here are the start of the Wheres Burnout Contest pics. The first is a pic provided by ShadowsDawn as a non-contest pic which I shall use as the cover to this section.

Now that I have that stuff out of the way, perhaps some of you actually want to know whats going on in my life since its been chalk full of unemployment and poorness. Well first thing was that I went onto Yahoo! Hotjobs and got a temporary job through them. The place I started working for is an IT contractor. They hired me for 3 weeks(this is the third week) at $14/hr to install computers and stuff. Its real monkey work, but I can double the expected workload because Im just that good. My boss knows people and he told me if I do a good job and impress him, he will pass that impression onto possible engineering peeps he knows.

Fast forward to last wednesday after work. I get a call from that one engineering place that I had been trying to get into since November. Yes, its the absolute first time he called me. I was amazed to say the least. Anyway, he told me that they had a new manager of Electrical Engineering and that they wanted me to come in and meet him on Friday. I was down with that, so I did. Since I had like a day and a half to prepare, I totally wasnt, plus I was so fed up with the damn place for keeping me waiting for 3 months that I basically went into my third interview with them relaxed and ready for anything. While there I expressed that I currently had a temp job that may just lead me into the Engineering field if they didnt give me some kind of job offer soon and the guy told me that hed try to work something out before I left. I talked with the new manager, the stuff I had told the original guy from the start happened to be exactly what they were looking for and they offered me a job. $50k a year + benefits from day 1 + 2 weeks paid vacation from day 1. Im just waiting for the contract to show up in the mail so I can look it over and tell them yes. God, I sure hope this is the end of my poverty. I appreciate everyone who has sent me emails and stuff in support over the past 6 months and I hope the rest of this here comes through. Anyway, Im off to my buddies house so I can go apartment hunting tomorrow. Enjoy!!!