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Shadowkiller - 2005-06-08 20:04:46

Stolz=Proud in German:

You know, there are times when I am really proud of the comic. I put a lot of time into some part of it or all of it and I am really happy with the result. This is one of those comics. I couldnt spoil it with actual talking. I made that cloak for Burnout, I edited that defender to be a Queens Guard, I made that really bad background that is Caemlyn. Im happy with it all, but mostly with the rose and with the cloak :). That is all, have a nice day :)

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Shadowkiller - 2005-06-09 07:38:14

More dreams:

Wow, some very interesting dreams last night. Unfortunately they are slipping away the more I am awake so I best get down what I do remember.
The scene is now, I am trying to visit the friend that the whole vacation thing fell through on. I look up where she lives and am surprised because its only 10 miles down the road. How did I miss that? I grab my backpack and hop on my bike(its night out).
About half a mile out from her house, I hop off the bike, stow it, and hike the rest of the way. I get there, go to the front door and check, its unlocked so I enter quietly. I walk in and look around, its quiet and everyone is apparently asleep. I wander around for a bit unsure of what to do and accidentally make some noise. "Crap," I think and head out the back door, her father hauling down the stairs to find out who is down there. He gets to chasing me but I have a head start and pull away. I manage to lose him and double back circling around to her front door and go in again.
There she is, standing there in a nightgown and looking out the back door. I tap her shoulder and she turns around frightened but when she sees who I am, gives me a hug. I tell her we can be together, I don't live far away and we could run away together. She tells me she can't and that I need to go because the cops will be there very soon. I hug her once more and run away, heading back to my bike. I circle around and ride past her house once more, seeing the cops there and the whole family on the front porch. I wave to her as I pass and her mom asks who I am and she shrugs. I ride off back home.
This point gets a bit hazy because I know a lot happens. Like I said, I am forgetting more of it as I remain awake. I think I go to war or something, its very strange. I and two of my friends(who actually I don't think exist, just friends in the imaginary war in my mind) get caught. The guard seems somewhat sympathetic to our situation(our jail is for some reason on the end of a dock with a glass window at the back going straight out to water) and drops the key to our shackles just in the middle of the room where we cant reach it. I have a long rock in my hand before he is even gone and as he leaves the room, we all jump out to try to reach it and the chains keep us from getting it by mere inches, but my long rock is just enough and I pull the key to me and I unlock myself. I hand the key to the skinny friend and go to check the door, the guards are coming.
The skinny friend tosses the key to the fat friend and jumps through the window. I follow behind, ready to dive into the water and slam right into dock that is hidden just below the dock. I turn and see my skinny friend trying to get off the underwater dock and into deeper water, but its slippery, and I'm having trouble too, but I grab the edge and begin pulling. Bullets begin flying our way and we barely get away and around the edge of the dock.
Suddenly I see a boat from my side just sitting there, I look to the shore and I see a friend from our side turning a paper towel tub with paper towels leading into the water(Im pretty sure the whole paper towel conveyor idea came earlier in the dream, but its so hazy now I cant remember where or why) and out to me and my friend. We climb on and it pulls us into shore.
We get to shore, and the female friend of mine from the beginning runs over and hugs me. I hug her back and ask if we can be together yet and she says no. I sigh and run back over to the shore to see if the fat friend made it out, the guards had been coming and he was last unlocked. Suddenly he staggers and falls out from behind the jail and into the water. The paper towel conveyor is falling apart. The guy in the boat reachs out and helps him to the conveyor, but its not enough. I wade out and grab him and pull him in and then...Beep beep beep.
I wake up to my alarm. Damn alarm. I try to remember as much of the dream as possible starting from the beginning since the end is freshest in my mind and I realize the more of the beginning I remember, the more of the end I am losing. And thus is my dream.
I used to have dreams like this in the past, they used to let me have insight into the feelings that I repress. What I see coming out of it is that I seem to want to be with her romantically and I feel like I am fighting a war for it, but I feel like she isn't fighting at all. She is letting her parents win without a fight that I think she could fight.
Now I personally dont look at this as the truth, but that is how my subconcious sees it. Like for instance, I am not trying to be with her, I just wanted to visit her, though perhaps I may have hoped for something to come out of that visit, it was really only a hope, not expected at all. Second, I know she worked hard to convince her mother to let me come, but her mother thought it was too fast and given more time, maybe it could happen. *shrug* That is life sometimes.