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Enter Loial

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Shadowkiller - 2005-06-14 00:05:18

St. Cloud, Minnesota:

Right, so first, forgive me, I'm not going to mess around with Loial whatsoever so that means he will never be holding a book, and his arms shall not move at all. Burnout never got a chance to use his Loial figurine, and now it can be.

On to my life. I now sit here in Minnesota. I'll be here for the week, anyone want to go out to dinner with me and happens to be in the area? In any case, the plane was delayed due to thunderstorms here. When we got off the ground, it was like a roller coaster ride. Ever had the seat of a plane drop out from under you? Now I have. Got to St. Paul and the other plane was delayed. An hour minimum is what they said. So my boss and I hiked the 2 miles down to the rental car place(yes, the airport is that bloody long), rented a car, and beat the plane here to St. Cloud. In fact, it was pulling around as we got out of the car to wait. I grabbed my bag and we came to the hotel. Oh yeah, we probably spent 10 minutes looking for the hotel before we went to the airport so technically we beat it here. Thus was my day. How was yours?

Later :).