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Shadowkiller - 2005-06-17 22:56:23

My lovely week:

More of enjoyable Loial today. He is so fun being of uncertain motives. Beware the Ogier, for he knows a heck of a lot more then thou.

This week has been more then lovely. Let me tell you why. I'll start with last Saturday. I am sure I mentioned something about it, but maybe not. I stayed an extra day down in Alabama because there was no one else there and we are contractually obligated to have someone on site whenever they are running(which is pretty much all the time). So I stayed an extra day. Around that time the tropical storm decided to move its way up. I drove away from Montgomery just in time to avoid a lot of the badness. I got the the airport and they tell us the plane is Chicago...due to mechanical issues. It is delayed 3 hours and we finally get in the air at 7pm(the flight was for 4pm). Wonderful, I thought, I was being nice and working an extra day and then I get screwed into staying longer then I want to. Get home like 11pm. Weekend ruined, got laundry to do, so I do nothing Sunday.

Monday comes along, spend it in the office doing stuff. Leave for St. Cloud Minnesota that night with my boss. Delayed in Chicago due to thunderstorms in Minneapolis. Flight goes through said thunderstorm(First time a plane has ever dropped out from under me, it was like a rollercoaster ride). Get to the airport and head to take connecting flight, delayed for at least an hour. Walk the mile and a half from the terminal to the rental car place. Drive the hour and a half to St. Cloud. Go to the Airport and get there just as my bag arrives. Great fantastic.

Rest of the week goes as planned. Boss asks me to stay till Tuesday, fine. Bloody hotel is booked for the weekend so I lose my room. Hotel chick goes looking for another room in the area. Next hotel is 20 minutes away and has a room for only one night, not both. Only hotel with both nights is 45 minutes away. Damn it. Okay, well I'll take that one night 20 minutes away...okay, you can call me back and we'll work it out then. No return call, checkout in the morning, no reservation for the place...damn it.

Coworker offers me to stay in the other bed of his two bed hotel room for the two nights, cool. Go out to lunch, hey there is a hotel right next to the place we go to for lunch, might as well check it out. Only one room available, the Suite, $109 a night, ouch. Im only okayed for $100 a night, can you give me like a corperate rate or something? Yes? SWEET!! My room has a freaking bathtub jacuzzi. If my company doesn't like me staying here, they can suck my ass. I think I'll stay here through tuesday, best make sure I can today sometime. Aint the week just lovely?