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Walking in Circles

My Daily Comics:

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Shadowkiller - 2005-06-22 23:02:54


This is another one of them filler strips. But it is true, this street has been seen before. Does anybody know where?

I am going to warn you now, the next comic will require a bit of work. I may not have it ready on Saturday. I may need Saturday to work on it. I'll do my best to have it ready, but no guarentee. Ill leave a message if I am not ready with it.

During this entire comic I was sweating my balls off. Not because its hot, because it is. Rather, I just DDRed for probably half an hour before it. Thats right, I was dancing and shaking my booty. Im moderately good. And thus is how I spent my evening. I just thought I would share :). Later.