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Wheres Burnout #1

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Shadowkiller - 2005-05-07 20:57:05


The first is from FromtheForest. Continued tomorrow.

In other news, I went apartment hunting today. Basically the two apartments that I had to choose from were the $720 a month that includes utilities but no pets and is basically average on the apartment scale, or the $1200 vaulted ceiling, fireplace, anything allowed, backdoor having, pool, fitness center, HUGE master bedroom, two full bathrooms, ginormous kitchen/living room combo, almost office size closet, washing machine & dishwasher apartment, but its an extra 5 minutes from where my dad wants to live. Now the cheap one would let me save up huge amounts of money for a real house in a year. The other, not so much, but I would be living in a penthouse basically. I want the penthouse, my dad is adamant on paying less then $500 a month for everything in total. So its just a bunch of shit IMO. I want the good apartment, he wants to live in squalor. What to do... I dont know. In any case, likely Ill end up being in the crappy apartment, sneaking my cat in, and being dissatisfied for a year. Sometimes I feel like a pushover.