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The Bunnie Lawnmower Strikes Again!

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Shadowkiller - 2005-06-30 00:18:07

Action, Adventure, and...Dust?:

Thats right, we have dust here. Now if you reread that chapter last time, you'll see how the cellar got the way it is. Isn't it exciting? The action, the suspense, the slow animation goinging into the ways. I can't believe it came out of my own head. Now, on with my life.

I know I've been a bit short with you guys recently. Half assed comics, taking days off, really short rants, and the other two aren't helping out much are they? I could make excuses, but I've always felt that they are just that, excuses. So instead, I shall just go on with some stories and hope to keep you entertained for a bit.

The other day I saw Dea again. I'm pretty sure I've talked about her in the past but I'm not sure if I called her by that name. It was actually really nice. A friend of ours sent some german gummy bears through my mom to me to her. I haven't seen her since she came out to dinner with my family a while back when my lil bro was in town for spring break. It was really strange cause I kinda felt the old thing again. That thing we used to have. It was just a whisper, but it was there. And just before she left, she told me to email her or something or give her a call sometime maybe. Sometimes I just don't know if anything means anything in my life. Who knows.

My birthday was cool. I hung out with my buddy and we played Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004. I used to play it with a buddy at College and so I bought it last week when I got my hair cut. Been playing almost non-stop since. Him and I drank, I got a bit drunk, but not quite as trashed as I woulda hoped. So I am having a real party for myself on Friday(thats tomorrow ;)) down at the bar down the street from me. I invited everyone I could think of, including Dea. She thanked me for calling her...I wonder if she has been lonely recently.

In other news, I bought myself a birthday present for my birthday. It's the only way I could justify myself on buying something so dumb. I bought a 3 month subscription for eHarmony. That's right, I did it. Its freaking expensive too. I decided to go check out their free personality profile after seeing a commercial and it was like and exam. Took me several hours and several sessions to finish. Afterwords I got to the part where they told me I had one match...just one. I almost fell over. So I tried to contact her... $50 for one month. HOLY CRAP, I'm rich but I'm not that rich. 3 months was $100, 6 was $150 and a year was $250. At $20 a month, its almost affordable.but that requires a year subscription. I should hope I find SOMEONE by then. In any case, like I said, I bought 3 months which means if I decided to keep the subscription, its only $30 a month after which is nice. better then $50. I think there are a lot of people who don't pay though, out of the 6 matches I've had since lowering my search parameters, only one has even read my questions. Bah, thats why I gave myself 3 months. Anyway, I'm kinda tired now, I hope I kept ya entertained. Later folks :)

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Shadowkiller - 2005-07-01 08:21:32


I'll try to get the comic done before my buddy comes over and we get trashed. No promises though, sorry.