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Monologue of Jed

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Shadowkiller - 2005-07-02 14:04:44

Life is a party:

Damn it, I just lost everything I wanted to say because I havent updated my website. I'm gonna go do that right now, lets see if it works.

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Shadowkiller - 2005-07-02 14:26:01

Well here it is:

Okay, so now I upgraded and I tested the new ' feature and it seems to work. I think I have several most minor upgrades, but I am waiting on an answer to a question I had first. Now, let's try this out again.
Poor poor Jed. We know what's going to happen and its not going to be good. Oh well, thats life I guess ;).
As for the party, just about everyone showed up, including Dea. That spark from last Friday, gone. There was one moment last night that I felt it again, but that was it. She was looking hot too, I hope I have a picture. Well there are two things I see in the situation right now that might fix how we are to eachother. Either she needs to get her feelings out in the open(because I have no idea how she feels, what she wants out of our friendship), or we just need to do something drastic, like sleep together, to hopefully knock the bad vibe so out of kilter that it goes back to where it used to be. It would be like if you had a machine that was vibrating, and its not supposed to vibrate, somethings just off, and no matter what you do, it doesn't seem to go away. So what do you do? You give it a swift kick, and sometimes that is just enough to fix whatever the problem was. There may be other problems after, but the vibration is gone.
Other then that, the party was good. I got drunk, not drunk enough by my standards, but drunk none-the-less, and that is a good thing. We had a good time and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.
I am pretty sure I had some more to say down here the first time I wrote it but blame it on the cheese...
Oh yeah, the shoutbox doesn't seem to be working. It's hosted on another site. I'll give it a few days and if it isn't fixed by then, I'll work something out. Until then, use the forums! :) Later


Shadowkiller - 2005-07-02 14:54:38


That is so strange, the date is all wacky, maybe I just fixed it...maybe not