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Shadowkiller - 2005-07-07 00:32:10

Not sure:

I don't know at this point. I just spent a large portion of the night not only playing the original Diablo(in some ways so much better then the 2nd one), but also moving the website to the updated version. Thus, if you happened to show up during it you may have seen many a thing including a blank page, a page mentioning the install file was still there, and several not quite working versions of the actual website. But the date works now, and that I can be proud of :). I love bashing my way through coding because there is so much I don't understand and I just guess and check till it works.

On the eHarmony front, I still not much. I've got one person who closed the connection for no reason I can tell, another closed it because our must and can't haves apparently didn't match up, and a third who put me on hold because she is apparently away from a computer for the time being. About half of the dozen people left are answering my questions which I believe means they have read them, they just haven't done anything else. Le sigh.

I'm thinking about adding another one or two people to the rant list since our other two hosts don't seem to be around much. The thing is, should I add completely new people and do some sort of contest or should I do some older forum members or something. The problem I see with the forum members is that many of the older ones aren't around much anymore. *shrug* Let me hear what you have to say by typing something meaningful(or less) in the shoutbox. HAYYYYOOOOOOO