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Shadowkiller - 2005-07-13 20:12:36

A friend in your pocket:

Ahhh, the strange, confusing and totally horrific dreams that may come when you are totally and completely exhausted. Don't worry, Burnout is not into SK and 'Mad like that. Dreams can be confusing this time and for me, I just saw the total hilarity in it all and thus is todays comic. The second panel is a picture from a game, can you figure out which game it is?

Last night I went to see Fantastic 4 as many of you know from reading the rant I wrote about it yesterday. Well I had to be up and at work at 3am and this left me little time for sleep. Now I am freaking tired as all hell and I'm probably gonna try to sneak in some reading before I go to bed. I can be truely dumb at times.

I came home at 11am today, forgetting that 12pm would be the actual 8 hour mark with a 1 hour lunch(breakfast). I also forgot one of my psuedobosses wanted me to come to a meeting at 1:30. He called me up and I showed back up at work. I was interesting to see how the meeting went. Our company totally kicked ass and took names. We had one of the groups there on our side and out of 4 groups, 2 vs. 2 is pretty fair. My psuedoboss is a real good talker and he knows how to greese the palms. With the backup of the other group(which was represented by a single person, but a rather high up one), we charged one of the other groups $28k for repairs due to problems we didn't cause. As it wasn't our fault, we shouldn't have needed to pay for it, but thanks to this little meeting, it got taken care of. Its always nice to have a friend in your pocket to help you out.

Current Song: Gwen Steffani - Hollaback Girl

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Sha'mad Conde

Sha'mad Conde - 2005-07-14 03:10:53


OK, yeah, panel three made me twitch a little... Sorry SK, I know you are on the hunt, but you are not my type. :-P

I was asked a couple days ago if I thought that SK would include me in his comic on my birthday. I didn't believe so, but didn't discount the notion. Interesting to see that I AM there, but that is certainly not what I expected... Humerous, though. I think my appearance was a coincidence, in all honesty.

I had my birthday, it was probably the least birthday-ish birthday I have ever had. Almost everyone forgot it, even my own parents. There were only three that remembered it without prompting from others: Fayle (Maria) Utopian (Bry) and Bia'han'chahcahca (Jill) Thanks, you three!

I took myself to see Fantastic Four. You kind of feel like an idiot going to a movie by yourself, but since it was my birthday, I went. The movie was fun. Good action, good humor, and it stayed moderately true to the comic, for those of you that find that important. The guy that played Thing did a great job. He really was well suited for the role. Recommended if you are looking for a good time that isn't too "deep."



Shadowkiller - 2005-07-14 08:22:28

Happy Birthday 'Mad:

Shit man, totally didn't realize. I think you even told me about it. I'll figure something out for ya, don't worry. Course, as you might figure, it will be late.
I saw F4 alone also, fun huh ;).


Shadowkiller - 2005-07-15 01:22:52

Strange night:

Well I told my buddy that I had been in Alabama for months and I hadn't had one good night out. He said he'd set me up so he did. He gets one of his female friends and she brings one of her friends along. They are already a bit drunk when they get there. We go to a bar to shoot some pool, its okay, they are all a bit older. The two women are in their late 30s, so I am the youngest by far but what the hell do I care.
I'm getting ready to head to the pool table for my shot when some guy walks up and stands in front of me. No, this ain't going where you might think it will go. I look him in the face and what do you know, its one of my friends that I went to Germany with in College. Last I knew he was up in Milwaukee and same with him for me. Weird crap man. We chat for a bit, he is down here on a 16 week training course with the airforce, I am here workin for my company, we just happened to be at the bar on the same night(pretty much my only night out since I been here).
Now I always say that wherever I go, I always see someone I know that I did not come with. It's always by chance. This is by far the strangest event since my family went to Florida for vacation. At Walt Disney Land, we were going on the Magic Mountain ride(or whatever it is) and whatho, there in front of us in the line is a family whom are friends of my family. What in the hell are the chances. That was about when I started noticing this type of thing because it happens a lot. I think I was 10 at the time. A lot of times now it is a guy who went to my school sitting next to me on the airplane or riding home in the limo with me(both have happened). It's usually not someone I know and know well at that. I spent a year with him and 13 other guys in Germany and got to know him pretty well(which is bound to happen if you are segregated into a group for a year.
The thing is, the guy I whom went to germany for the year and I will probably never see each other again. After our chat we went back to our respective groups. My group then all went back to my coworkers hotel room and the chick I was with started crying about her kids(she was pretty wasted). I offered to take her home and that was pretty much the end of the night. Just a fun time and a strage coincidence. Fun, huh?