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Shadowkiller - 2005-07-23 01:27:03


I am le tired. I'll post more

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Sha'mad Conde

Sha'mad Conde - 2005-07-23 03:19:41


Ol' Burnsie is apparenlty feeling spunky... He started giving Lan lip right off the bat. Hopefully that doesn't burn him in the ass...

...not that he would notice a burning sensation there...

I pretty much spent my "weekend" (which happens to be Thursday and Friday, I work Saturday through Wednesday) reading the latest Harry Potter book. I thouroughly enjoyed it; it is worthy of the previous books in the series.

Apparently the pope isn't too impressed, however. I honestly wonder if he has ever read any of the series, or if he is just condemning it without actually having personally read any of it? Personally, I think that they make great kids books, and have accomplished a lot towards getting kids to read. However, the Pope has a bigger audience than I do. Go figure. You can read about it at, or by googling Pope and Harry Potter.

Microsofts next operating system is going to be called Vista. You can also read about it at CNN, or by googling Windows Vista. They claim it will have more security, amung other features. Pardon me while I burst out laughing. The only time the word "Windows" and "Security" are mentioned in the same sentence is if the two are separated by the words "has no"

Perhaps I am being a little too snide.

Perhaps I should give them the benefit of the doubt.




Shadowkiller - 2005-07-24 05:31:47


So, what do you think? Will Burnout make it through the Blight? Will the Greenman have all the answers? Will the storyline end here soon? Will Burnout continue into the next book? Will he finally see his girlfriend again? Why do I keep asking all these questions? Find out next time on... BURNT OUT!!!

So Vista... yeah more secure. Windows thinks of security the same way the US government does. By taking away freedom, it obviously gives the bad guys less cannon fodder. I liked Win 2K because it was built secure while expecting corperations to use it and with corperations, people who understand computers. This meant it was very well made, but now they don't support it anymore. XP has way more security compared to Win2K, but I don't think it necessarily needed it because it took away a lot of freedoms(IMO). Is Vista gonna be abother step in the same direction?
And now there might be a lawsuit about it too. When will it end?

Don't forget to submit an entry for the rant contest. You still have time, but you run out quickly. Tomorrow is the deadline, I'll give you all day. When the comic goes up at midnight, I won't accept anything else. Have fun!