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Shadowkiller - 2005-07-25 22:59:18

Contest Over:

Well this comic is a bit on the weak side but I have a absolutely good reason, two actually. First, I want to get it moving on to the climax, the end. Second, I spent like 5 hours working on the Green Man and I think he looks absolutely wonderful. The first three hours I scrapped because it looked horrible. I went to that website I mentioned before, The Shyguy Kingdom is the place, and found a sprite I wanted to work with. Some cutting and recoloring and the final look for the Green Man is freaking awesome. And you know what? YOU HAVE TO WAIT TILL NEXT TIME!!! Ha Ha. Okay, on with the show.

As I worked hard tonight, I'm not going to say much, I am merely going to post the first two actual entries. Both of these were submitted before the first deadline. Since they get extra points, they should be given extra freedoms. I will post them in seperate boxes to keep them seperate and stuff. Oh yeah, don't forget to return tomorrow and check out another entry.

Edit: Oh, by the way, that third scene is supposed to be the Blight. See the pus filled hanging leaves of badness? Yeah, okay, I think you get it :P.

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Shadowkiller - 2005-07-25 23:00:06


I shoulda entered earlier... really... now my guess is that you are
flooded by reponses and will probably just skim read mine and forget
about it... ah well... I'm not that stressed about such a thing

As for what form I selected for my email... I've never been one for
following instructions, esspecially when I'm given a choice (my art
teacher hated me for this), so I'm going to write something between
the two starting right after the colon (:) at the end of this

My real name is ------ ------, I'm a 21 year old male from South Africa
(we're the country right at the bottom of Africa, but we can also be
at the top of Africa if your turn the map the right way up). I work as
a Programmer and software research person. This means that when I'm
not writing code for work, I get to surf the web to find software and
stuff that I think will be interesting, download it and play around
with it. Sometimes (like tomorrow) I have to do a little talk to let
the rest of the programmers here know what I've been up to, and how I
think they should be working... dream job for me (even thought the pay
isn't that great).

On the internet I'm more commonly known as Lemnik Merrak, or Lemming
to those who know me well (not to many of those). IRL most of my
friends are in a university about 700km away from me (I don't know the
actual distance cause I've never bothered to measure it). It's long,
we don't see each other often anymore, and I miss them... but life's
to good here, so I'm happy.

My primary interests currently revolve around the normal stuff (Music,
Games, Going Out etc.) and Anime, Programming, Drawing, Poetry,
Swordsmanship (I own 3 swords and 2 practice (wooden) swords
currently), and Writing. So there really isn't that much about me
thats really interesting, unless you count being silly as being
interesting. Cause I have an interest in being silly.

I think I deserve the rant spot because... hey good question...
*think...think...think* I have no idea why I deserve the rant spot....
no wait... I deserve the rant spot because one day (when the
atlantians try to invade us again) I'm gonna organize a huge army of
giant robots to save mankind and... not wait... thats not me... is
it??? I deserve the rant spot because it's something I consider myself
good at, and I have lots of things to rant about...

So there it is... four paragraphs (said I wasn't one for following
instructions), except that if you count the extra intro and exit it
comes to a bit more.



Shadowkiller - 2005-07-25 23:00:45


Ok so this is my rant? but what to write about? I?ve been pondering this over the last couple of days and I?ve toyed with the ideas of a) making up a story to try and sound cool, b) telling a story of what has happened to me in the past, or c) making a rant about something I know and hate. The problem with doing a is that if I make up stories and then someone I know reads it I could get laughed at. A LOT. My friends tend to be sarcastic and/or a complete pain in the arse for months. So I scraped that idea.
Then we come to choice number 2! Or b. whichever you prefer. But then the problem with that is you said it had to be something that we don?t mind being plastered all over the net, so bollocks to revelling a painful story of my past of which most of my rant worthy memories are. And then finally choice c! This may or may not have become apparent this is what I?m doing and what I?m about to put into full gear.
I hate essays. I?ve always been bad at writing them and I?ve always had trouble getting inspiration when writing them, even when I was a little kid and I was told ?Today we?re going to right a page about why we love the sun? or some other bollocks thing to write about and I?d do like half a page and get stuck. It?s not that I have trouble writing or that I have problems getting my point across it?s just the opposite actually, I say what I want to say, and I?m blunt and uncaring if it offends people for example in one of my history essays I said (while talking about the Arab Israeli conflict) that the Arabs deserved it and if they had the chance they?d do everything the Jews are doing and more and we should have just left them alone to kill each other off and then kill the victors and take their land! Unfortunately my teacher didn?t think this was the sort of thing you should put in a history course work piece, BUT WHO WAS RIGHT ABOUT THOSE BASTARDS! ME! Ha that showed her? anyway moving rapidly away from the London bombings and Arabs. What was I talking about before? Oh yeah me not being able to write essays well yeah the reason I don?t do essays none too good is cause I write stuff straight, I don?t beat around the bush I write straight to the point and say what I need to say and give some reasons why I am right. So that?s my rant! Congratulations you are the first person I?ve ever entered a contest for when the entry is long and possibly hard! So yeah, let me rant on your site please!


Shadowkiller - 2005-07-26 20:39:05


Alright, here is the entry post for Wednesday. I'm posting it quite early as I need to go to bed. Stick around because there will be all new entries Thursday with the comic. - SK

ok, my entry is gonna be in the form of a personal story.
here goes:
This is the story about when i broke up with my first girlfriend.

It was in the eighth grade, we had been going out for a couple of months, gone to movies, dances, dinners, etc. During one of these dates Ashley (my girlfriend) told me she loved me, which frankly unnerved me, because, well we were in the eighth grade! After that we continued to go out, and she said she loved me a few more times, and became much more emotional, and began to demand a lot more of my attention. She made a small book that was based on us, that basically everyone i knew saw at some point or another. Now, i liked hanging out with her, talking, joking, and all that other relationshippy stuff, but more often then not, she would become an incredibly emotional, protective, jealous, shrew. (couldnt hang out with any female friends, etc.)

So, one day i decided i had had enough of her...almost everything, so i talked to her, and to try and spare her feelings as much as possible, (i liked her, and all, and i hated to see her cry over anything) i told her i was a bad boyfriend, and that she deserved better, and that it was over. I was incredibly nervous before and during the breaking-up, but afterwards i felt elated, like a world had been lifted off of my shoulders. Ashley and i still talk every once and a while, and hangout sometimes through mutual friends, its much better, get to do stuff without the drama.